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The Reviews Are In: Trump’s Mount Rushmore Address Was His WORST Speech as President

It is not hyperbole. On July 3rd, operating as a July 4th celebration, in an election year, Trump gave his crudest, most dangerous, most offensive, and most bizarre, speech in his tenure as president. People that we deeply respect are saying far more extreme things than we might expect:

Trump pitted Americans versus Americans, clearly laying down a line in the sand. In this country, there is an enemy, and the enemy is anyone not voting for Trump. To be a real American is to support Trump, anyone else is a traitor trying to destroy this country.

“Dark and divisive,” as described by the New York Times? In reality, it means that the speech was fcking terrifying in its ugliness.

And it was.

No one is calling for the abolition of the police or the Second Amendment, but that is the point. He needs an enemy. The people that attended his speech, or the people at home supporting his speech, are the type that will fight to the death for the above two causes. Only they’re not causes. People want to reform policing and add sensible regulations to gun ownership. But one cannot drive a conservative to a “war-readiness state” with sensible language.

Who do you think is/was a better president?

It was also plain old fcking bizarre, a man giving a campaign speech at what was an official event.

There is also the irony that there is a horrific epidemic spiking in record numbers tearing through the country right now, states like Texas are requiring masks, and yet tonight, Trump’s most rabid supporters are out in South Dakota jammed in together, no social distancing, no masks:

It could easily be a super spreader event.

As we’ve come to expect, Trump couldn’t even get through the speech without slurring himself silly, mispronouncing words left and right, while looking like a baked ham, a baked ham that dreamed the impossible dream, Las Vega$!

It truly couldn’t have been a worse evening and speech. Tomorrow, he’ll surely prove us wrong.


Peace, y’all
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