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Trump Aide Absolutely Humiliates Herself by Shamelessly Sucking Up to Trump on Live TV

Oh my.

Brooke Rollins is the acting director of the United States Domestic Policy Council working out of the White House. Apparently Brooke believes her job is endangered if she doesn’t slavishly lay praise upon Trump in front of many people, which – actually, is likely true since everyone in Trump’s White House has a job contingent upon Trump worship. But most people don’t ice the cake this thickly. We doubt that many are even capable without dying of shame.

Did you know that Trump is one of the most successful businessmen in the United States? Not just now, but we’re talking in the history of the United States? We seriously doubt that Brooke Rollins thinks that Trump is a successful businessman. We would like to believe that she took history in high school, because Trump wouldn’t have been the most successful business person in Philadelphia before there was a “United States.”

Benjamin Franklin did some good work, we’re told. The Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Edison, whoever the hell built those railroads, Sam Walton and right on up through Bezos, Buffet, Gates, and even Elon Musk. Sure, they’re likely all assholes, but we’re measuring business success. Now comes Brooke Rollins, who says that Donald Trump, the same man that broke Atlantic City, Trump Airlines, Trump steaks, Trump University, and even the damned Trump Charity, is one of the most successful in United States history. Be very careful, listening to someone humiliate herself at this level is dangerous to your health.

Just try to imagine how much you have to hate yourself to say such a thing. She had to know the camera was on! Someone was taking notes! All of which is a good thing because we are going to keep close track of Brooke Rollins, and when Trump eventually discloses his taxes and financial documents (or they’re leaked), and when it is proven that he was nothing more than a front for Russian mob money, and not all that rich, we’re definitely going to remind Brooke Collins that the devil would like to collect on that soul now.



Peace, y’all
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