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Trump Freaks Out on Reporter Who Asks Him About Testing, ‘READ THE BOOKS! READ THE BOOKS!

We are well aware of the fact that Trump lost his mind long ago and he can’t answer a question with anything remotely cogent.

Most politicians answer questions in cliches – indeed all do – but most politicians can at least link the correct cliche to the question, and at least feign candor in their answer. Trump has done nothing but expressly lie and challenge anyone to call him out on those lies. Mostly, reporters were too scared to do so, and their fear was a bit warranted.

Perhaps it is the fact that Trump’s polls are spiraling, perhaps it is because the election is coming on faster and Trump is way down, whatever it might be, reporters are getting more daring and stronger, seeing Trump as weaker and less threatening. In the last two days, we’ve seen a lot of video come out with reporters who refuse to accept the stupid cliche answers. They simply feed the stupid answer back to Trump, asking him to explain himself.

Trump doesn’t do well when asked to explain himself. Indeed, watch what happened when Trump told Jonathan Swan that, with regard to testing, a lot of people say … and about various manuals, and it’s gotta be seen:

Yeah, who are “those people,” and who is it that is writing these “manuals” and “books” that Trump isn’t reading anyway? THIS is the way that Trump must be interviewed from here on out. Trump isn’t mentally agile enough to answer with anything but a cliche, “there are people who say …” etc. and then can’t catch up when challenged.

Another example?

Ah, “You know nothing about what I do,” is the functional equivalent of the “Do you know who I am?” when approached by someone of authority. It means one has no answer at all. You don’t know me. You don’t know what I do. Don’t you even know who I am? You won’t understand.

All cliches thrown out there in a panic. And it’s all because Trump has nothing left but cliches.


Peace, y’all
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