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Trump Holds Mini-Rally in His New ‘Home State’ of Florida and Almost No One Showed Up

Oh, Donald Trump is such a sad, little man, isn’t he?

Trump has been attacking Joe Biden on issues of law and order in the past few weeks, citing violent crime in cities and claiming things would get worse if his opponent wins. Never mind the fact that all the current upheaval is happening right now…under Trump’s watch.

Trump landed in Tampa, where he is participating in a fundraiser, and was greeted by dozens of supporters who had gathered along barricades. Few were seen wearing masks, and music that has become standard at Trump campaign events blared over speakers for what was billed as a “campaign coalitions event with Florida sheriffs.”

And take a look at the crowd, pretty pathetic if you ask me:

While speaking, Trump referred to Florida as his “home state” which I am sure New Yorkers are thrilled to hear.

The president, who was flanked by local law enforcement officials, painted a dystopian picture of the country should presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden win election in November.

“If Joe Biden is elected president, the chaos and bloodshed will spread to every community in our land. You’ll have a Portland everywhere,” he said, referencing clashes between protesters and federal agents deployed to Oregon.

“There will be no safety, no security, no peace, no justice, no one to protect you and no one to defend the American way of life,” Trump added. “People like the ones standing behind me will not be considered primetime. With me, they’re considered primetime.”

Trump made only a fleeting mention of the coronavirus pandemic during his 30-minute remarks, even though Florida is the new epicenter of the outbreak in the United States.

Friday’s event in Florida was outdoors, which experts have said makes it more difficult to spread the virus, but few people were wearing face coverings. Trump has in the past flouted his own administration’s public health guidelines about social distancing.

Twitter had a field day:



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