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Trump is Pathetically ‘Cold Calling’ Friends at Night to Whine About How Hard His Life Is

Having just reported on the new Joe Biden ad, the one highlighting Joe’s sacrifices to his boys after losing his wife and daughter in a car accident, this story is particularly disgusting. Trump believes that COVID, Congress, Black Lives Matter, all of it, is about him, and so unfair to him. Yes, we’ve known this before, but perhaps we don’t know the depth of his cynicism, lack of empathy, and self-centeredness. He’s cold calling people to whine.

“The president rants about the deadly coronavirus destroying ‘the greatest economy,’ one he claims to have personally built.”

Stop right there! No one, anywhere, at any point in history, “personally built” an economy! The very definition of economy encompasses many people working together! Try even having an “economy” on a deserted island. Moreover, unlike “Hussein” (the MAGA-heads name for President Obama), Trump didn’t come into office after an economic collapse in the midst of the Great Recession. Obama “did that,” Trump did not. Trump inherited a fantastic economy.

He laments the unfair “fake news” media, which he vents never gives him any credit. And he bemoans the “sick, twisted” police officers in Minneapolis, whose killing of an unarmed black man in their custody provoked the nationwide racial justice protests that have confounded the president.

He wants all the credit and deflects all the blame. Maybe the man who said he “takes no responsibility” should look at that dynamic. In Trump’s world, everything “good” happened because he built it, everything bad is someone else’s fault. In other words, Trump has the maturity and world view of the average five-year-old.

The Post says that Trump doesn’t even exchange any pleasantries, not a word about “how are you doing,” nothing:

Instead, Trump often launches into a monologue placing himself at the center of the nation’s turmoil. The president has cast himself in the starring role of the blameless victim — of a deadly pandemic, of a stalled economy, of deep-seated racial unrest, all of which happened to himrather than the country.

THIS right here is why Trump is going to lose to Joe Biden. As the U.S. goes into late October with over 200,000 dead, Americans aren’t going to want to hear about how all this is so unfair to him. They want a president who is at least aware that it’s about the nation, not “him.”

Of course, those inside the Trump administration have had a lot of practice at turning piles of … practice trying to cover over his mistakes. They are still trying:

The first official added that Trump, as a former businessman, is especially well-suited for this unprecedented moment of crisis, and has demonstrated his management abilities by making the decision early on to shut down some travel from China and by waiving regulations to rush coronavirus therapeutics to the market.

He made the right call on stopping some travel to and from China. Perhaps he made that call sooner than most might have. So? Is that all he’s got? And how much “management” does it take to wave regulations in the midst of a global pandemic? Right now, that “waiver” is as much self-preservation as it is running the country. Show us any president that wouldn’t push to expedite vaccines. So in the midst of the greatest crisis in generations, that’s what he’s got, two “accomplishments,” that’s it, that’s the list, according to his own advisers.

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But it is good to keep in mind that these leaks are coming from inside the White House. Staff must be turning on him. No one would want to have leaks talking about “woe is me” calls, or that everything is so unfair to him. Even after Trump’s great purge, the most loyal of the loyalists are turning on him, which is saying something. Perhaps they, too, want a president focused on others and not just himself.


Peace, y’all
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