Trump Launches Bitter Tweetstorm from Air Force One and POTUS Seems to be PANICKING Big Time

The pattern is obviously clear by now.

When Trump has something to actually do, like one of those “roundtables” he hates, speaking somewhere, or god-forbid a cabinet meeting, he is clearly “occupied” and has to do all that stupid stuff he hates. He would rather be doing executive time, i.e. “watching TV,” “golfing,” or … tweeting.

Yes, tweeting. Whenever he happens to be sitting down watching TV, he starts watching the news and then panics – because there hasn’t been a lot of good news these days, even on Fox.

Let’s get one thing out of the way immediately. Trump is paying off his debt to Putin, and this is something he panics about every single day because on any given day, Putin can ruin Trump in one hour by releases financial forms on loans and such – look at Trump’s panic on his taxes. So here is the gift to Putin:

There is no way we benefit from this. Indeed, it really hurts us by causing what had been our real allies to consider us part of the problem, and not the solution.

We reported a few months ago that there would be an obvious drift between Fox and Trump as the election got closer and the disease got worse. Fox won’t allow itself to be the last one off the Trump-tanic if and when Trump goes under. They’re going to say they saw it coming, Hannity and Laura be damned. The whole dynamic leads to an obvious and necessary drift, even we called it out months ago.

Trump is watching it happen in real-time, and panicking. Trump’s troops with DHS did work out an agreement with the Portland Mayor and Oregon Governor such that Oregon would control “Oregon” and if the feds want to protect the two buildings it was up to them. We will get back to those “two buildings” as it fits into a much larger picture.

Trump isn’t real happy with how it’s being reported – and is now in a panic because he’s “LAW AND ORDER.”

The danger here is we have a pattern. He had troops (and they are troops, not cops) in Seattle and Portland. But the government has announced that the troops will soon be going to Detroit, Milwaukee, and Cleveland. Now, what could possibly link cities in Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin? All those “must-win” states?

Have no doubt, there won’t be troops in LA. There will not be troops in New York. There will not be troops in Chicago (no matter what they say). These troops are going to interfere in the election in some way – or at least make a trial run at it. It is what fascists do.

Speaking of which:

Trump is clearly setting up a situation where he can deny the legitimacy of the election. Period. The only way that Trump won’t steal the election is if he loses Florida by a big margin and loses Texas or Ohio by big margins. If it is so obvious that he cannot steal it, he can’t.

Another one:

But if the polls tighten, as they likely will, to put it close enough to claim “Rigged!” Trump is going to do it. Recall his words to Chris Wallace about accepting an election loss (something never asked of a previous president), “We’ll see.” When Bill Barr was asked about whether he would accept an election loss, Barr said he would “follow the law.”

Anticipate lawsuits in every purple state where Trump came close, perhaps within five points. He will try to tie those states up in lawsuits challenging the election. Those lawsuits will go too slow as “they are investigating.” The Supreme Court will only say that the electoral college must vote on December 14th 2020 – that’s the law from Bush v. Gore.

If the electors in those purple states are tied up in litigation, they cannot go to the electoral college. Biden may have more electoral votes than Trump but he can’t get to 270 – the number one needs to win. If no one gets to 270, the constitution says that the election goes to the House of Representatives. Don’t cheer.

When voting for president, each state gets one vote. If it is California, it will be for Biden, if it’s Wyoming, then Wyoming’s one congresswoman votes for Trump and cancels out California. It is most likely that even with a blue wave, there will be 26 red states and 24 blue. Trump wins the vote in the House of Representatives while losing the popular vote by five million and having tied up several (four?) purple states. Remember, those troops are to protect … federal courthouses.

Trump is preparing. But he is also panicking. Because if he gets too far behind, or the states assert his troops aren’t wanted, he cannot steal the election as planned. We should prepare, too. Get your ballot one way or another and start getting others to prepare – now.

This isn’t a “sky is falling” analysis. Indeed, look at those two panicked tweets and the plan unfolds before your eyes.


Peace, y’all
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