Trump Launches Gross Attack Against Black Congressman in REAL-TIME During Fauci Hearing, ‘Doesn’t Have a Clue!’

With the loss of John Lewis and Elijah Cummings, the United States has lost the two most prominent black congressmen, leaving Jim Clyburn as the standard bearer at least among black men represented in Congress. Sheila Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters are still invaluable senior voices for black women, but Cummings, Lewis, and Clyburn were the three most prominent senior black men in Congress.

Only James Clyburn is still serving after the recent deaths of Lewis and Cummings. So what does Trump do on the day after John Lewis’s funeral? He goes right after James Clyburn with real condescension and vitriol. Moreover, Trump does it in a tweet that lays out the exact same thing Trump has said multiple times a day – it’s just that on this day, Trump went after the most senior black man in the Congress in Jim Clyburn, with an added insult, just for good measure.

These things matter, appearances matter, this tweet isn’t “just” about Trump’s stupid assertion that “Massive testing” is the reason for the skyrocketing numbers. Trump makes that assertion daily. He doesn’t call out black men daily and picked a particularly conspicuous day to call someone stupid. (Below are the two tweets, the Clyburn sneer is in the first and continued into the second.

“Who doesn’t have a clue.” Gratuitously calling a black man “stupid,” and there’s no apparent reason for doing so, other than Trump’s racism. He makes the claim about testing every day. Does he call out someone individually every day? Does he call that person stupid – as he does between the lines here?

No, this is just Trump being Trump, now going after the most senior and respected black man in congress.

Some of the responses from Twitter went after Trump’s own stupidity:

More bad news for Trump:


Peace, y’all
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