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Trump Supporters are Attacking Ivanka for Wearing a Mask, ‘Take That Lie Off Your Face!’

We join the rest of the world in muttering under our breath how it is that at least 33% of this nation has gone utterly beaver-shit insane, and it’s terrifying that this mass psychosis has been lit by a cult leader. This cult leader happens to have a computer at his side that can launch nuclear missiles based in submarines patrolling the other side of the globe, ones guided so accurately by satellites that they can aim for your bedroom window and hit it. Our cult leader could destroy the world.

How crazy is the mass psychosis? So bad that these red-hatted, well-fed, nearly all-white, people are fighting for their inalienable right to pass a fatal virus freely amongst each other as efficiently as possible.

They are angry that the cult leader’s daughter is so “PC” as to wear a friggin mask, even though masks have been proven to be the most effective weapon against a virus bringing this nation and its economy to its knees.

So apparently this is photo that has Trump supporters going nuts. Ivanka alongside Kevin McCarthy:

But man oh man, are Trump supporters angry!

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It wasn’t “just” the Karens. It appears there are a lot of Kevins pretty pissed, too.

According to the Daily Mail (my god, the international community is using this as tragic comedy), the MAGAs suddenly turned on their princess-fantasy girl:

‘Why mask now? Surprising. Yall listening to the left fearmongering,’ said yet another commenter, while another commented: ‘I see why Donald Trump Jr is the favorite. No mask for me. Disappointing.’

‘Take them off you look ridiculous,’ chastised one.

‘Wtf Ivanka? Why do you support something you KNOW has sinister intentions? Take off the mask. Youre not a disease carrying death bringer, and this is not a real pandemic. I know you know that. Very disappointing to watch you play along,’ another commenter chimed in.

‘I think you are a great role model… but please take off the mask…. quit furthering the lefts’ agenda!’ complained yet another.

‘Take that lie off your face!’ one more wrote.

Like every single negative that has occurred during the Trump presidency, the COVID scare is nothing more than a “Leftist” “libtard” scare tactic hoax and Ivanka is terrified of a little flu. Gawd damn we’re so insidious and clever! We crafted a diabolical plan to own Trump that is so perfect that someone even went to the trouble of making a real virus to just give us cover.

We shouldn’t make light of this. We know. Good people have needlessly died. And yet sometimes the only defense to breaking down in tears is to laugh at the utter stupidity. It is funny, until we consider those subs, and realize that if it all goes to hell, there is no way we can rule out that Trump won’t do the unthinkable. Nothing has proven impossible so far.

Thankfully, the sane folks clearly outnumber the “hypnotized,” and it does seem that very powerful people are putting very powerful limits on the damage Trump can cause. The subs are probably out of bounds, but damn it, no one tell the MAGAs!


Peace, y’all
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