Trump, Sweating Like a Pig, Struggles to Get Through Texas Speech, Where Very Few are Wearing Masks

We return to a theme that we’ve had to report upon all day, and it is sad.

Trump is currently speaking at a rally in Texas that we may as well call the Lone Star Super Spreader! Evidently quite a few Texas politicians accompanied Trump to the rally, because we saw Tail Gunner Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, and others. Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert was supposed to make the trip with Trump. But, Gohmert – being a degree or two less intelligent than the rest of the GOP squad, was left behind like the scrub he is because he couldn’t pass the COVID test. We wish him well, honest.

Meanwhile, the ones that did pass the test are in Midland to cheer on Trump, where – as Fox News helpfully scrolled on the bottom – Trump said that they would defeat the virus.

Trump then did a “round the room” recognition of each invaluable Texan politician in attendance, from Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick, Secretary Perry, and the camera sweeps by Sen. Cruz. By all appearances, no one is spread out – much – and with one lone (star) exception, no one is wearing a mask.

Check this out:

Yes, in the picture above you see “somebody” else in the background with the Lone Star mask, but the people recognized are all “mask free” mouth breathers. The Trump Texan Super Spreader, and you know that everything is bigger in Texas.

Again, the irony; “We will defeat the virus,” and they’re in Texas – one of the two hottest spots in the country, which opened early with Lt. Governor Patrick saying that a few deaths were a trade off for which he was “all in,” and the politicians simply refuse to do the single cheapest, stupidest, but most effective, means to “defeat the virus.” So much so that it has worked literally everywhere else in the world.

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No better example than Trump in Texas, assuring everyone everything is great, while they continue to drag this nation down while the world moves on.

I wonder if any of them are curious as to why oil is $1.50 a barrel?

Oh, and Trump was his normal Trump.

It’s July in Texas, and Trump is morbidly obese, so it’s not unexpected that he would be wearing like a stuck pig:

Watch him pronounce Minneapolis:

Here’s Trump screwing up his speech, and then acting like he meant to screw up:

Watch Trump go off about cows and tell me this man is 100% there mentally:

UGH, the man is NOT WELL:

Remember, COVID is crushing Texas right now, but you certainly would know it!


Peace, y’all
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