Trump Threatens to Cut Off Funding for Public Schools That Disobey His Orders to Open During the Pandemic

We are now left to wonder if Trump has some regrets about pushing everything open far too quickly (“LIBERATE MICHIGAN”) because he seems aware that we’ve figured out that he’s trying to kill us to get an economic comeback. COVID is exploding throughout the country, and the kids aren’t even in school yet!! So, of course, Trump wants to take the entire situation and make it worse by opening the schools as the virus is rising in 37 states, 100% in eight states! They are rationing care – triage – in some hospitals in Texas and Florida.

We know what Trump wants. He wants everyone to pretend that there is no epidemic and there’s nothing to worry about. Each Fox News host talks about the ridiculousness of wearing masks and there’s only one reason for doing so, masks remind people that there’s an epidemic. If no one wears a mask it’s easier to forget that one’s life is in danger.

Trump says that 99% of the cases are harmless, which is interesting because it seems like the mortality rate in the U.S. is above one-percent, at least for people over 40, and when all factors are counted. But even if the mortality rate is one-percent, we have studies starting to show that the virus causes both permanent lung damage and permanent brain damage even in some mild cases. (See link, and if mild cases may come with some lung damage and brain damage, who now wants kids in school?) A guest on MSNBC yesterday talked about being sick for six weeks, sleeping 20 hours a day, with what was considered a “mild case.”

Yet we’re supposed to send our kids to school with the situation as it stands today?

Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have nowhere near the per-capita cases we do! Additionally, they don’t have a bunch of jackasses screaming that they don’t need to wear masks!

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Note the bottom line: “May cut off funding if not open.” This is a man on a mission to kill as many people as it takes to give what he believes would be a boost in the polls.

Please to be fcking off now.

Now Trump thinks he knows what steps are necessary to open schools. Additionally, Trump is demanding that schools open but isn’t willing to pay what the CDC says is necessary to keep kids – and us – safe.

How about this? We keep schools closed for the fall semester and see how things go? Just in case there is a big change in leadership between now and January, such that we get a real assessment as to where we stand. Because never forget, under this man, everything is perfect:

This man is so dangerous. He truly doesn’t care how many he kills or how many are scarred by his “rule.”


Peace, y’all
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