Trump’s Niece Claims He Took Advantage Of His ‘Mentally Impaired’ Father For Money

One thing that’s become clear about Donald Trump is that he’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants, no matter who he hurts to do this. But one instance, recounted by his niece, Mary Trump, in her controversial book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man,” is particularly telling: the situation where Trump, along with his siblings Maryanne and Robert, to coerce their father, Fred Trump Sr., into cutting Mary Trump and her father, Fred Jr. out of his will.

Then, according to court papers, they even committed perjury, Mail Online reports.

Mary and her brother Fred Trump III made the allegations in 2000 after filing a lawsuit for wrongfully terminating their health insurance. And now that her book is out, all of this has come to life.

President Trump has since filed a temporary restraining order to keep her from publishing the tell-all book, claiming the book violates a non-disclosure agreement.

The court papers obtained by DailyMail.com reveal that Mary and her brother Fred challenged the will of family patriarch Fred Trump Sr. The papers allege that the Trump family “maliciously” terminated their medical coverage.

And Mary Trump claimed in an affidavit that she found out in September 1991 that Fred Sr. rewrote the will so that it “virtually disinherited” her and her brother. The new will divided much of the inheritance among his living children and as a result Mary and Fred III only received about $200,000 because their father was dead.

So they challenged the will in probate court and that apparently led the Trump clan to cancel their health insurance in “retaliation.”

But that’s not all. The lawsuit also alleged that the President and his siblings manipulated their father into shrinking the inheritance and Mary and her brother both allege the Trumps lied during the probate hearing for Fred Sr.’s estate, saying he had “not a scintilla of diminished capacity” when the 85-year-old man changed his will in 1991.

But that’s not what doctors say they found when they examined the elderly man at the time. Instead, they found early signs of dementia, noting he couldn’t remember his birthday or details of a story read to him just 30 minutes earlier. That’s according to medical reports included in the lawsuit.

Allegedly the documents even say that Robert Trump told doctors that his father’s memory had seen a ‘notable decline’ for the past two years, a complete contradiction of his testimony later to the probate court. The papers also suggest alcohol problems may have played a part in Fred Trump Sr.’s mental decline.

And Mary and her brother also allege in the lawsuit that the elderly patriarch might not be the person who signed the revised will. In an affidavit, she notes:

“At the time the will was executed, my grandfather was suffering from senile dementia and significant memory impairment.”

“My brother and I believe that the will is the product of undue influence and coercion by defendants upon my grandfather, who clearly lacked the requisite mental capacity to make a will.”

The dispute filed two decades ago was settled on confidential terms but is now in the public eye when news of Mary Trump’s book was revealed. It was filed in April 2000 at the Nassau County court in Long Island, New York.

So if you ever wonder how low Donald Trump will stoop to do cruel things, even to members of his own family, apparently this is how low. Considering the way he behaves on a daily basis, is this even surprising?

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