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Watch Donald Appear to Have to Coax Melania into Standing Up During July Fourth WH Event

Could this couple be any weirder?

There is a palpable icy vibe between the two – but, admittedly, there’s an icy vibe between Trump and everyone – and it’s just so painfully obvious that the two of them compete to see who can use the other one more efficiently. As always, Trump will con and deal with anyone, any time, doing anything he needs to do for himself and for his money. Meanwhile, Melania has always had to work for her money, and if the money’s right, she’ll work with anyone, any time, doing …

She will even stand-up for the nation so as to not appear as if she’s bored as fck at a Bryan Adams concert. Trump wanted to show her his cool plane collection – the ones that fly for him because everything belongs to him now, ask him – and they had quite the show on the mall today. A couple of years back, the Defense Department refused to give Trump his military parade, so Trump just moved the parade into the air and called it an airshow instead of a parade. E viola,’ he gets his parade!

And it’s louder!

Anyway, it was cool to little boy Trump, except it looked goofy having his escort sit, soooo

Yeah, definitely. “Come on, stand up! We look like total dicks with me standing up wanting to cheer like a boy with model airplanes come to life and you the self-described “supermodel” sitting on your ass dreaming about Justin and singing Oh Canada!”

She likely named a figure. Trump’s loaded nowadays, the Saudis pay in cash. So, he agreed. It’s not his money.

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You gotta hand it to Melania, she manages to stand without making eye contact and having her back turned to him. Maybe he likes … never mind.

(We apologize. If we don’t laugh the alternative is banging our heads against a brick wall in tears).

So that happened, and of course, it likely didn’t make the top 10 “Public Shitstorm Insanity” moments that happened during our Fourth of July/ Trump Fluff On the Mall celebration.

And America had some critiques:

Ummm, nyet. No, she had a chance to get out of the bullying business long before she said Obama was born in Somalia, or one of those black countries, she doesn’t know which. And she stayed … for the money. She only inspires … no one.

THIS THIS THIS all fcking day!! And no – this is not “bringing their young son and making him an issue” – this is making THEM and their utter hatefulness the issue. We at this site have reported several times that the Trumps occasionally go to cool things, World Series games, rocket launches, things a boy craves. Trump can’t be bothered to take his “son” to a damn game! Poor kid is like Repunzel. Fcking jerk Trump. And she will only stand-up for her son if it involves getting him more money and influence with the Trumps.

No, but she’s collecting now.


No, gotta sleep in the bed you sold.

Backward. Did it for an offer. Offer accepted.

No honest person can deny that this is the vibe they send all day every day.


Peace, y’all
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