With Several States Hitting Record COVID Cases, Trump Goes Golfing…Again

Trump is off golfing and he’s effectively normalized COVID raging across America. Several times this week, the country reported record one-day totals for new cases.

One of the most ironic aspects of this is that he was the one who was perhaps most critical of the few (relatively few) times that Obama went golfing, and bragged that he would never have time to golf. Now, of course, he’s golfed exponentially more than Obama or any other president in history. The “golf promise” was like every other promise in Trump’s life, from marriage vows to promises to pay someone, just words.

It is especially offensive knowing that we’re on the edge. There is little to no hospital space in Houston and in some parts of Florida. We seem to be on the precipice of rationing healthcare in the United States, something no one ever thought possible, and something that perhaps only is possible with Trump as president.

It is not just golf, it is the fact he held two massive superspreader events this weekend, homages to himself, cavalierly endangering many of his MAGAs, and then going off to golf again.

Oh! And he makes money off the United States government when he golf. Amazingly, the Secret Service is charged for carts, food, etc. to guard him.

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Yes, it is almost impressive. It would take a snake like Trump to pull off a deal where the U.S. president runs off to golf while an epidemic continues to get worse, and while he still asserts no one knows if Russia is paying to kill our troops.

Only Trump could pull it off. He has normalized our destruction.


Peace, y’all
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