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Angry and Bitter Trump Calls Out Dr. Fauci on Twitter Over Coronavirus Surge, ‘WRONG!’

Well, the golf game is over, and according to the Lincoln Project, over one-hundred Americans surely died while Trump played golf, which is an amazing thought considering that when a plane crashes the FAA will literally rebuild planes out of parts to figure out why.

Regardless, Trump is back on Twitter explaining again that it is only because the United States is just so awesome that we have so much COVID! It is because we test more! Just like with pregnancies, no one gets pregnant without testing for it, first! Or something.

But this time, Trump is arguing with Dr. Fauci. Not directly, of course, but Trump is definitely arguing with Dr. Fauci’s conclusions. As we noted just this morning in an earlier report, Fauci is the only person in America that politicians challenge at their own risk – people like him far more than any politician. Trump decided to argue with video of Fauci’s express testimony.

Anyway, here’s “your favorite president” explaining away COVID – as per usual:

Does he think that anyone even listens to this argument anymore? This argument works for the bottom 33% of Americans, those that never took stats … or math. It is about the dumbest argument in existence when a city’s ICUs are full, as they are in Houston, Jackson, Miami, or Charleston. He can fcking talk “testing” until he’s blue in the face but go up to Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver and check their ICUs. They aren’t full of COVID patients.

Trump did a bit more gaslighting to explain that what you saw yesterday actually wasn’t what you saw:

Yeah, that giant “successful” gathering of a few dozen people. The president often gets on Air Force One – with a one-hundred people in his travel entourage, to meet with a few dozen people on the tarmac. Gotcha.

The payroll tax cut doesn’t do anyone any good if they don’t have a job!! How about just re-upping the unemployment checks and send some money directly to the American people? Besides, Trump needs to discuss this with Mitch McConnell, this is a GOP family thing. Democrats passed their bill.

He’s back on Twitter, it’s going to be a long afternoon and evening.


Peace, y’all
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