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Best-Selling Author Reports He’s Had ‘Whistleblowers’ Tell Him Trump’s Had ‘Three Mini-Strokes’

A few caveats.

We are reporting what Don Winslow asserts. We aren’t making the assertion ourselves. We are getting this secondhand.

What makes this reliable enough to at least “note” is that Dan Winslow isn’t just another Twitter tweeter. He is a best-selling author with hundreds of thousands of followers. He also writes fiction that involves – to some degree – geopolitics, of the type that a certain set in Washington loves. He would have a huge following in DC and the intelligence community. We see no reason that Winslow would risk his reputation to just pull something out that he hasn’t at least heard and believes to be reliable.

Second, he is using real video to back it up.

Of course, the “whistleblower'” assertions fit a pattern of accusations that generally don’t appear out of thin air. No one questioned Clinton, Bush, or Obama, when it came to their own physical health. The rumor that Trump has had “strokes” (of whatever severity) gains a bit more credence with the rapid trip to Walter Reed, the entire secrecy around Trump’s health, the posture, the leg sweep, and the sudden tics and movements.

So with all that said, this is quite a startling accusation:

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The “United church?” That isn’t the worst slurring we’ve heard – not even close, actually – but we follow very closely. It is significant.

Dr. Jack Brown is an actual physician and a body language expert who weighed in with his opinion on the post:

We have reported that Trump’s eyes often appear markedly dilated, which is also – perhaps related – associated with extreme dosages of Adderall or other stimulants.

One gets a pretty shitty picture if one thinks about a guy who is perhaps using Adderall (that is a very widely “accepted” rumor) on top of possible small strokes (the leg sweep, always the right leg), and on top of what some perceive to be FTD, or frontotemporal dementia. That’s a lot of rumor, but his behavior continues to fit the pattern.

The thing we find most compelling? The fact that the Trump campaign was the first to make such accusations against Biden, and not with any degree of cautiousness (not even the cautiousness we show). Trump says Biden has “dementia,” his kids say it, Fox has run segments pointing out Biden’s troubles handling answers – which may be due to his stutter, or possibly his age. These people specialize in getting out in front of an accusation and pointing at the opponent first. Look at “crooked Hillary.”

We can guess. Trump goes about life like a mobster, and mobsters always hold “something” over any associate that can hurt them. Russians do the same. Often it works, but not always. That’s our best speculation. Plus, if you shoot at the king, you better damn well hit him, as Lt. Col. Vindman among many othersย have learned.

Here is the problem. Damned near everything could be explained by drug use, but it’s not mutually exclusive, nor is it of any comfort. So one is left simply looking at symptoms and reporting on them, as we often do.

Or his makeup, which we believe tells a bigger story.

We can’t know. And that is the really frustrating thing. The American people deserve to know three months prior to an “election” (one in which he has already said he won’t accept the results if he doesn’t win). He is “asking” us to rehire him. We should have all the necessary information, which includes the information in his taxes and physical health. But like everything about this man, he keeps it all hidden.

It explains why there would be “whistleblowers” in the White House.


Peace, y’all
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