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‘Did Pirro Just Threaten Biden?’ Jeanine Pirro Speculates That Joe Biden Won’t Make it to Election Day

Fox News has taken a very bizarre, dark, and ominous turn and no one is sure what to make of it. Both Jeanine Pirro and Jessie Watters predict that Joe Biden won’t be on the Democratic ticket – that Katherine Harris will be the Democratic nominee for president.

It is tough to tell if these two are just so far down the Fox rabbit hole, where everything is a conspiracy, that they’re just taking their paranoid conspiracy side out for a walk. Perhaps they have reasons to believe in their conspiracies, there has always been talk about whether Russian rubbles made their way into the Fox production offices.

Or, this could be nothing more than an example of two people who didn’t listen to the actual speeches this afternoon and prefer to listen to what Trump and his team say about Biden. If you listen to Trump and his team, Biden is laying on his deathbed, muttering about some 1970s Camero. Perhaps Pirro and Watters have simply fully bought-in to that scenario and missed the speech today in which Joe sounded strong, upbeat, happy, and very much with it.

It is hard to tell, but damn, this is dark:

Okay, that is just very odd.

There is the theory that this is nothing but projection and that it is Trump that won’t be on the ticket, and we have made similar predictions here, that he could be strongly considering stepping down. Anyone who saw his press conferences this week would know that he has no energy, seems sedated and unwell physically – very unwell. It could be that this is nothing more than projection. Still, it is very odd to say out loud.

We agree that she is likely referencing something with respect to dementia, although it certainly isn’t clear.

This is the other possibility floated, that the Trump “October surprise” will involve an arrest of Obama and Biden, orchestrated by Barr. But we have to file that under “extremely unlikely” as the country will erupt in ways that Trump cannot contemplate and Barr likely won’t do it – knowing he’d lose eventually.

These people didn’t see the speech today. Biden sounded great.

In our estimation, this was Judge Jeanine taking the “dementia” thing that much further over the top, to the point where it is going to really slam Trump back when Biden isn’t the decrepit, frail, demented person he’s been made out to be Trump campaign.

Awful. Whatever it was it was a very bizarre, dark, and ominous moment on Fox.


Peace, y’all
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