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Melania Trump Really, Really Dislikes Her ‘Snake’ of a Step-Daughter Ivanka Trump

By now, most of us have seen the clip of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump being greeted by Ivanka Trump on stage at the Republican National Convention last week. In a look that’s launched a thousand memes, Melania initially smiles at the First Daughter then shoots the proverbial look that could kill as Ivanka passes by.

It seems that the relationship between Melania and Ivanka has icy, something that Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former close friend of the first lady witnessed on numerous occasions. She’s even written the tell-all book “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady,” to be published in September. The book is a revealing look into the famous rivalry between the two women, The Mercury News reports.

Appearing on ABC’s Good Morning, America, Wolkoff had some sharp words for Ivanka Trump and others in the family, characterizing them as cold-blooded, corrupted by “deceit” and “deception.”

“It was amateur hour then, and it’s amateur hour now, and I think it’s really frightening for our country,” Winston Wolkoff said during the interview.

“Everyone does need to know what … this presidency is doing and what this propaganda machine behind this man at the White House is doing,” she added.

Winston Wolkoff, who’s also worked as a longtime events planner for the Met Gala and a number of other Vogue Magazine events became friends with the First Lady when she was still Melania Knauss, Donald Trump’s girlfriend. Working for the Trump transition team, Winston Wolkoff helped “produce” the president’s inauguration. Afterward, she worked for Melania as an unpaid advisor when Trump took office.

The amount spent on the inauguration ($104 million) has been the subject of controversy and local and federal investigators are scrutinizing the amount spent, the largest ever for a presidential inauguration. During the interview, Winston Wolkoff said she’s continuing to work with officials as part of the investigation.

And a lawsuit filed by the attorney general of the District of Columbia alleges the nonprofit inaugural committee spent over $1 million at the Trump International Hotel in a scheme “to enrich the Trump family.”

Winston Wolkoff has admitted she raised concerns about alleged excessive spending for the inauguration, including the purchase of $130,000 Tiffany bowls which were given to guests at a dinner hosted by Melania Trump. She added that Melania approved the purchase.

Trump’s inaugural committee is dismissive of the allegations of excessive spending, with one White House spokesperson claiming Winston Wolkoff is attempting to “profit off lies and mischaracterizations meant to harm the first family.”

But if you spend any time watching this family of back-biting hypocrites you already know that Winston Wolkoff has a very definite point when she describes them as anything but loving to each other. The Trump White House, she adds, is a workplace “filled with friction, suspicion, deceit, deception.”

Ivanka Trump, she adds is driven by power, and she demonstrated this from the beginning when she tried to take on some of Melania’s first lady duties.

“Ivanka would never stop trying to muscle in on Melania’s events,” she said.

Before Melania moved to Washington, D.C., in 2017, Ivanka and her team were so driven they tried to take over rooms traditionally used by first ladies, Winston Wolkoff noted. That, she said, forced her to place labels on East Wing office doors to prevent Ivanka Trump’s team from taking over.

As can be expected, a source affiliated with Ivanka Trump is claiming this is untrue and told ABC News Ivanka “never considered having an office in the East Wing.”

Just think: when Trump leaves office, the nation won’t have to deal with this ridiculous spectacle and will be able to return to the business of healing the wounds caused by this family. In the meantime, here’s the icy glare seen around the world.

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