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Rudy Giuliani Wildly Claims Black Lives Matter Are a ‘Domestic Terror Group’ Who Hate White People

In a segment on Fox & Friends Thursday, Rudy Giuliani called the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement “a domestic terrorist group” that is led by “killers” who “hate white people.”

Giuliani, who currently serves as a lawyer for President Donald Trump, was the mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001 discussed his fears about mail-in voting and the 2020 presidential election in general, Newsweek reports. He told the show’s hosts he believes this election will be the most important one in his lifetime.

“We’re either going to remain a free enterprise country, or we’re going to become some kind of a socialist country,” Giuliani said, in reference to BLM, Antifa, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. “[Joe] Biden has agreed with it, and he’s too weak to oppose it. He can’t oppose anything. So that’s where we’re going.”

And Giuliani claimed Biden will continue to go “further left” if elected, in order to please his Democratic base.

“It’s a very strange society they want to set up, and so far, they haven’t said a single word, even when the terrible violence has taken place by Antifa or by Black Lives Matter, both of whom are domestic terrorist groups without any doubt,” he said.

Then he went on to say that Antifa members and the BLM organization are “killers.”

“Stop the nonsense,” Giuliani said. “These are killers, and these are people who hate white people, they are people who hate white men in particular, and they want to do away with a mother-father family. They don’t think fathers are necessary.”

At that point, co-host Ainsley Earhardt told Giuliani “there’s a difference between the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the group that is yelling ‘Fry ’em like bacon.'” To which Giuliani pumped his fist in agreement and nodded his head.

The U.S. has never designated the Antifa or the Black Lives Matter movement as terrorist organizations, even though Trump, like Giuliani, has often called protesters “terrorists” and tweeting in May that the U.S. will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization.

But as the Southern Poverty Law Center noted in a June 2 statement, labeling the Antifa as a terrorist group is a dangerous move because it grants the federal government expansive powers to investigate anyone who’s designated as Antifa.

“President Trump’s announcement is rooted in politics, not the present realities of the terror threat in the U.S., the statement noted.

Somehow Trump never finds it necessary to label the Ku Klux Klan a terrorist organization, even though they’ve killed Black people, terrorized their families, ruined livelihoods, and destroyed communities. He says nothing about the Boogaloo Bois or the Proud Boys, recent racist constructs that also commit acts of terror and who would love nothing more for the U.S. to erupt in a civil war.

But this is Trump after all, and he thinks these groups are “very fine people,” so really, what else is new?

Here’s what Giuliani had to say in the video below.

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