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Rush Limbaugh Gripes, ‘We’re Supposed to Feel Sorry for Biden’ Because His Wife and Children Died

This is exceedingly difficult to read and analyze. One wants to luxuriate longer in the fundamental goodness shown at the DNC convention and what Joe Biden represents as a person.


It says a great deal about the conservatives in this country that Rush Limbaugh is still on the air, still making tens of millions a year. Rush was the original “Trump,” in that Rush figured out early on that he could squeeze billions out of the rubes by “saying” everything that the right actually believes. It doesn’t matter that it’s repulsive, it doesn’t matter that it’s stupid, wrong, rude, indeed it is all that much better if it is!

Shock jock. That’s all he’s ever been. He fed the MAGA-heads a helping of entitled rage mixed with an acute sense of victimhood long before they even knew they were MAGA heads. Rush lost a few advertisers along the way but he never had to moderate to keep the MAGAs. Nope, just like Trump, Rush goes one direction only, increasingly extreme. And the MAGAs love it.

Rush raced out today to rip Biden and fluff Trump. Funny, he said that all Joe did was “read a teleprompter,” which is ironic because that’s more than Trump can do, unless we really did guard the airports in the Revolutionary War. Rush didn’t break down much of what Biden said, because he couldn’t. He just said it was stale and then attacked.

From Media Matters:

And if you dare talk about it that way, they’re going to be climbing down your chili. “You can’t be mean to Biden.” See, Biden is a sympathetic figure. We’re supposed to feel sorry for Biden. Do you know why? Because his wife died in car accident, and then his beloved son Beau Biden died from brain cancer. We’re supposed to feel sorry.

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But we can’t feel sorry for President Trump, whose brother just died. His brother Robert — who happened to be his best friend. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.” We can’t feel sorry for Trump. “Trump deserves to be miserable. As much pain and suffering as he’s causing people, Trump deserves it.”

We spend all day, every day, reporting on the progressive left, politics, and Trump. We haven’t once read anyone say that Trump deserves to be in pain because his brother died. We have noted that Donald Trump spent the day of his brother’s death golfing with a kicker. But not a single person said Trump deserves to hurt while grieving.

But no, we’re supposed to feel sorry for Plugs (Plugs is Rush’s nickname for Biden). We’re supposed to feel sorry for [Biden] because he’s losing his mental acuity. He lost his wife years ago, and he lost his son, Beau Biden. We’re supposed to feel sorry for him because he really can’t do what he did last night.

Who said this? Rush Limbaugh, alone. Rush is talking to himself. Not a single analyst said “feel sorry for Biden,” not one. Many Fox News analysts did say that Trump’s line about Biden slipping is gone because Biden looked and sounded sharp. Rush Limbaugh is demonstrating exactly why there won’t be many people crying at his funeral. We don’t wish cancer on anyone, we don’t celebrate the disease, we aren’t “glad” that Rush Limbaugh has terminal lung cancer. We just cannot wait until his hatred is gone from the American political landscape.

In case anyone here has missed this on Twitter, this is the man that Rush is talking about. The Biden campaign put this out today. Biden wasn’t “filming a commercial” when he spoke to Brayden, this is just Joe being JOE. This is the man Rush is talking about, imagine Trump or Rush doing this:

And then here is Rush. A true POS:


Peace, y’all
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