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Rush Limbaugh, ‘Medal of Freedom’ Winner, Calls Kamala Harris a ‘Ho’ and People are Disgusted

One of the many things that Donald Trump cheapened as president is the Medal of Freedom, our nation’s highest civilian honor. History has never seen a roster of talent like the list of past winners, from Nobel Laureates in physics to Popes, Olympic heroes to musicians. The list is nearly as diverse as … well, America. Not all previous winners were created equal in deserving the award. There are only so many Stephen Hawkings and John Lewis’s running around. But even among the winners that people might have thought to be “questionable,” or less deserving, Rush is the only recipient who made hundreds of millions of dollars promoting himself through the hatred of others. It is Rush’s only claim to fame and is the reason Trump believed Rush deserved the award. The Medal of Freedom will recover, but it will take a while.

Limbaugh lowered the award even further today. People are shocked, but really, what Rush said isn’t that different than the stuff he has been saying all along to get to this point. One thing we know, there wouldn’t be a Donald Trump without a Rush Limbaugh, and Rush Limbaugh didn’t need Donald Trump to say this:

What the fck?

Yes, we damned well do want answers from Republicans! And not just those of us that are parents to young tween girls who want those girls able to grow up in a world where a woman can succeed in whatever she wants and not be resented for it or have to hear sneers about sleeping her way to the top! All of us want some answers, because we all know and love women in our lives except for the people like Rush and Trump who have never loved women or seen women as deserving respect, never mind equality.

Damn it! It is 2020 and yes, the GOP damned well does need to respond. Do they support Rush’s assertion? Should advertisers pull their support? Americans want some answers.


This is beyond words. It is not at all surprising, but it is still … it is absolutely outrageous.

We want everyone in the GOP to have to answer the question, do they support Rush Limbaugh? Will they join a call to sponsors to pull their ads?


Peace, y’all
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