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Trump Just Called Everyone Who Doesn’t Support Him ‘Stupid People’

Not every Trump utterance deserves its own column, indeed we try to lump them together as a theme because he gets in certain moods and rifts on something horrible and we’ll just pick up on an overarching message. No point in publicizing his every step, especially when most of it is just drivel.

But it’s also not every day that Trump calls you stupid. Of course, by “you,” we mean everyone who’s not for him – we’re all just that “stupid” if we don’t get the Trump thing.

Before we get to the tweet, we should point out one thing. It is a terrible idea to call any voter or the American people stupid. Hillary Clinton made a really bad mistake in the moment when she talked about the basket of deplorables. It doesn’t matter that it’s ridiculously true. It just gives the “other side” something to rally around and be angrier.

Admittedly, it’s impossible to be angrier at Trump. But it also has an impact on the people that may be able to go either way. We are talking about a tiny few in this country, but they do exist and they may be the ones who decide whether Trump stays or goes. The natural response by anyone considering not voting for him is “Are you calling me stupid? (Or deplorable?), For just thinking about not voting for you? It never, ever, works in reverse. It’s never “Well, I sure don’t want to be a deplorable, I’m voting for Hillary.” Or, “Well, I’m not stupid! I’ll vote for Trump.” NO, it never works that way.

Yeah, this is a mistake, and we hope that he continues to make them. He’s been on quite a run this week and this will be a tweet that he won’t live down any time soon:

So Peggy Noonan, by never getting the “Trump thing,” plays right into the hands of the non-Trumpers, who are stupid. (By the way, note to Trump, the WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch and can hardly be construed as fully against Trump). It doesn’t help that the remaining Boomers that remember Reagan at his best associate Peggy Noonan with Reagan almost as closely as Nancy. Peggy wrote the iconic, “To touch the face of God” speech from the Oval Office.

THIS tweet won’t be as notorious as the “Delay the election” tweet, but it’s going to stick far more than most. It is just a bad bad bad idea to put down the American people. Save the name-calling for the other politicians. Don’t call Americans “stupid.” Any politician that does make such an error is pretty stupid, no surprise.


Peace, y’all
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