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Trump Just Did a 180 Degree Turn and Encouraged FLORIDIANS to ‘Vote By Mail’

We guess that someone got through to Trump, and told him that he was bleeding votes in Florida, especially with the elderly, if he continued to insist that people show up and vote by the ballot box. Or there is something else going on. Because very very suddenly, Trump wants people in Florida to vote by mail, but only in Florida, and only because they “cleaned it up.”

This makes no sense and it sends someone’s “spidey-sense” into overdrive since Florida is the epicenter of Republican vote shenanigans since at least Bush v. Gore and is currently led by very very Trumpy governor Ron DeSantis. Again, it might be nothing more than someone telling Trump: “You are going to lose unless you allow older MAGAs to vote from home,” or … we don’t know. But this is suspicious:

Wait, wut?

So, nearly overnight, the Florida mail-in vote is “safe and secure?” Amazing, since we hadn’t heard of any changes or any comprehensive study of the Florida ballot procedure. It is literally like overnight they have had a change in plans – at least in Florida.

It has Americans quite suspicious:

Yes. This is likely the answer. His people have been showing him that it is Republicans who are most likely to vote absentee or by mail, and that he’s screwed himself over in his message so many times that they’ve thrown their hands up. But do note that it’s a Florida only message:

The parody account is closer to the truth than the real account, as is quite normal in the Trump administration.

The above is a good point. He is telling his own supporters to vote by mail but yells about voting by mail as a means to say the election was rigged.

Yes, this is the most likely explanation, and DeSantis must be watched very closely. We have lost near all faith in a free and fair election already, one that is relatively free of fraud, his mixed signals are just torching democracy. Florida, man.


Peace, y’all
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