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Trump Says Kamala Harris is a Bad Choice Because…Windmills and All the Birds Will Die?

Donald Trump is not a smart man. We are talking about a guy who still cannot figure out what year the 1918 Spanish Flu hit the earth or which war ended with the U.S. bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

So we have to be cautious about breaking down anything he says. But seeing as how Trump wants everyone to believe that Joe Biden has dementia, it is probably important to talk about the many stupid things Trump says every day which indicate he doesn’t have the requisite education to be an assistant manager at Outback. One of today’s examples includes the fact that Trump thinks windmills aren’t a good energy investment because windmills cause all kinds of “environmental issues.”

Trump appeared on Hannity Tuesday night for an interview where they discussed VP nominee Kamala Harris (love wiring that) and how it will be bad for birds and home values.

Slam your head against the wall.

Wind definitely has issues, just not environmental issues. For one, the wind isn’t always blowing. That’s a problem because energy is something that we generally put to immediate use. The only thing that “stores” electricity is a battery and we don’t run the grid on battery power. Moreover, for obscure historical reasons, we tend to not build our biggest cities on the tops of windy ridges – where windmills would be very efficient. And, even on windy days and even with little line resistance, wind still isn’t particularly efficient.

So why do we keep talking about windmills? Because even with the above drawbacks, wind energy is 100% clean, free, and renewable! It is the single cleanest power we have, even cleaner than solar – which requires cells to be manufactured. What does Donald Trump have to say about wind and windmills?

It is great! Except there are “environmental issues.” Evidently, in Donald Trump’s addled brain, “environmental issues” means “things that bother me,” because even though there are problems with wind energy, not one of them is an “environmental problem.”

Things that bother him include decreased home values due to windmills seen off in the distance, and so Donald Trump – because he’s not a smart man – calls them “environmental issues,” because that’s the word Don has heard used applied do other problematic things in energy use. So he borrowed it, sure that it fit. Except it doesn’t.

It is always easy to figure out what motivates Trump’s policy beliefs:

He is the single most selfish, simple, stupid, and senile person to ever hold office and we need to continue to highlight his stupidity daily since he’s not going to stop with his Biden dementia bullshit.

“Environmental issues …”


Peace, y’all
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