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Trump Seems to Have Hinted That Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Commit Suicide and People Have Questions

There are so many astounding revelations coming out of the Jonathon Swan interview of Donald Trump on HBO that the country is reeling from them, primarily the responses to the questions on COVID, which are absolutely terrifying, or the responses to John Lewis and the Civil Rights Act, which are absolutely tragic. But we noticed something really odd that hasn’t really been discussed.

When Swan asked Trump about why he would wish Ghislaine Maxwell “well,” Trump says that it was because her boyfriend (Jeffry Epstein) was “either,” and then goes on to say “killed” or “committed suicide” in jail. Trump put “killed” as the first option.

We should presume that Trump knows a lot about the subject – despite his statement to the contrary – because Trump knew Epstein and Ghislaine very well, and knew all about what Epstein might be able to say to bring Trump or others down. Trump would also be someone who received briefings from Barr on the Epstein investigation and the charges against Maxwell.

Yet Trump didn’t say that Epstein killed himself. No, he said Epstein was “killed or committed suicide in jail.” Why wouldn’t Trump say “He committed suicide,” because shouldn’t Trump know?

Yes, we understand dementia and the paranoia, but that doesn’t mean Trump doesn’t “know” what happened with Epsten, and wouldn’t know what was in the official report. Did Trump just demonstrate part of his paranoia – in saying Epstein might have been killed? Or did Trump just demonstrate his dementia by inserting something true that he should have just kept back? Does Trump know something we don’t, or is he just that detached from reality?

There is no comforting answer, though there is a correct answer. We just don’t know. But it’s damned odd.

Twitter is also asking a lot of questions and wondering what the heck is going on:


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