Trump Sparks Health Concerns After He’s Spotted With a Large Purple Bruise on His Hand

A viral photo that appeared on Twitter showed what appeared to be a large bruise on Donald Trump’s hand, sparking rumors about the president’s health.

Late last year, Trump was unexpectedly taken to Walter Reed Medical Center, and the White House went to extraordinary lengths to cover up the never-disclosed reason why. In the months since, Trump’s physical and cognitive health have been in visible decline during his various public appearances. It’s set off a firestorm about Trump’s mysterious health problems – and today that firestorm got bigger.

Just a few days ago, we watched as he dragged his leg during a trip to North Carolina.

This new photo showed a large discolored spot on the top of Trump’s left hand, just behind his thumb. It was not exactly clear what caused the discoloration, but many believed it looked like a bruise of unknown origin. The discoloration had not been seen earlier in the week during Trump’s public appearances — or at least was not apparent in video or pictures from his public appearances, including several press availabilities — leading many to believe that it was a new condition.

Some speculated that the bruise could have been from an IV, saying it appeared similar to the discoloration that appears after receiving intravenous fluids.

The bruise on Trump’s hand is in the same place where an IV is often inserted during hospital visits. This led to a rumor sweeping across Twitter that Trump had secretly gone to Walter Reed Medical Center today instead of the golf course. To be clear, we can’t find a single news outlet reporting on the supposed Walter Reed visit. Nonetheless, “Walter Reed” is now trending on Twitter.

Take a look:

Again, there is no actual news that Trump went to Walter Reed…it’s a rumor. The only thing we know for sure is that Trump went golfing at his Virgina golf club Saturday morning. The press pool also followed him back to the White House.


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