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White House Adviser Peter Navarro Says Trump is the Hardest Working President in History

Peter Navarro is an odd duck on the best of days. He is one of Trump’s economic advisers, in place because of his reliably hawkish, sometimes warped, views on China. Navarro is the guy who this morning said that executive orders were created by “the Lord” and the Founding Fathers to get around partisan bickering. An assertion that the Lord ordained executive orders to get around “divided government” won’t make the top ten in a list of stupid things Navarro has said.

But this morning Navarro really made news in attacking Nancy Pelosi. The administration is under serious heat for issuing executive orders in an effort to continue the stimulus package that are likely unconstitutional. Generally Congress raises money and spends money.

Under withering questions about the legality of the orders, Navarro sought to “answer” the questions by attacking a favorite Right-Wing punching bag, Nancy Pelosi, attempting to make it sound as though Trump had no choice when faced with such awful Democratic demands. He went very low.

“Scarves flying …”

Interesting that he never noted that Schumer has a “tie flying” in the air when they meet and discuss things. This administration probably spends millions in an attempt to pin down why they are losing the “suburban women’s vote,” and yet stuff like this just flies by them.

And you can’t miss the fact that Navarro says Trump is the hardest working president in history. Mind you, Trump is at Bedminster for a three day weekend golfing as we speak.

Note, too, the administration again playing the victim, “beats the heck out of us,” as if anyone in a Trump administration has a leg to stand upon to complain about a politician who finds a bank of microphones and shreds the other side. But of course, the “scarves flying” is the real emphasis, showing the contempt they have for a powerful woman standing in their way.


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