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Americans Fall Down Laughing After Trump Says ‘Wait Till You See What Pence Does to Her’ About VP Debate

Earlier today we noted that many in the GOP are absolutely terrified that their egomaniacal, pool-temperature-IQ president isn’t preparing to debate the wily and experienced Joe Biden, who most assuredly is preparing. Given that Trump has made “Biden’s dementia” his signature issue and entire rationale for voting against Biden, it seems like near all Joe has to do is show up to the debate on time and say a few nice things about Americans to be the easy winner. Of course, Joe will likely do far more than that, and we hope that Trump puts his entire “character” on display in an over-aggressive attempt to win the election on one night.

But there is one other debate that Americans are relishing. Kamala Harris, ex-prosecutor extraordinaire, ex-Attorney General of the largest state in the country, ex-Senator who dressed down Justice Kavanaugh and made Billy Barr wet himself, will have one night alone with Mike Pence. We have yet to hear Mike Pence say anything of much significance about anything. If people hear Mike Pence speak, it’s almost always “Under the leadership of President Trump …” and that’s about it. He is the embodiment of white, hetero, extremist-Christian, male entitlement. He is mediocre at best. Kamala Harris might single-handedly turn him gay.

So it was remarkably funny tonight when Trump said:

Mike does what? Makes her Vice President? What will Mike Pence “do” to Kamala Harris that she hasn’t seen a hundred times? Kamala Harris doesn’t need to say that it’s “Under the leadership of …” anybody. She is her own woman and Mike Pence might want to bring his personal “Karen” (aka “Mother”) to comfort him afterward. Actually, Mike’s dreams might come true, this time he’ll be the one getting spanked by a woman. And it won’t cost him $130k, just his job.

Americans rolled over laughing, though some did note that Trump is forever creepy and predatorial:

Only Trump can sound both hilariously ridiculous, and “rapey as fck” in the same sentence. But he manages.


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