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Don Jr. Suggests Joe Biden is Being Medicated to Appear Lucid, While Seeming Rather ‘Out of It’ Himself

Don Jr. is infuriating a lot of people.

Junior today asked whether doctors in the Biden campaign are giving Biden “something” to come out and appear lucid for a “few seconds” when they put him on-air, and questioned whether Biden was “physically capable of being out of the basement more than once a week.” This is one extremely rich toxic stew of bullshit.

First of all, we are in the midst of an epidemic and the fact that Biden respects it shouldn’t be held against him. But the guy out having rallies sure does.

Second, when one watches Junior talk nowadays, more questions arise as to whether someone is giving “Junior” something that keeps him from appearing “lucid.” Once again today Junior is talking fast fast fast, with his eyes half shut, for whatever reason.

Moreover, this is all awfully rich coming from the Trump campaign – which often uses projection and the old propaganda trick of accusing others of that which they’ve done – which has been pounding upon this “Biden is senile” thing long past its due date. Indeed every little tidbit out of Junior’s mouth could easily be turned right back against the president himself. Of course, it all rings more sinisterly now that reports have come out that the Russians have attacked Biden’s mental health as part of their 2020 attack on our election, according to our own DHS. It appears that Junior plans on assisting Russia as much as he can.

Second, it is incredible to hear Junior complaining that Biden needs to campaign on “victimhood.” This is definitely projection as no one complains more than the man who says that he’s treated “worse than any president,” even Lincoln, and never shuts up about the media and the Democrats.

Of course, all of that comes from the mouth of a privileged child sitting in front of a board that reads “liberal privilege.” Many Americans were more than disgusted with Junior’s words.

We can’t know but it seems like a strong possibility. We also know that Trump fails to appear lucid all too often. It is interesting that Junior would even say this.


Peace, y’all
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