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Ex-Trump Supporter: My Vote For Trump Helped Lead to the Deaths of Over 180,000 People

Former supporters of President Donald Trump had a thing or two to tell his current supporters during a CNN panel Wednesday and the situation heated up quickly, especially when host Alisyn Camerota turned the focus to the coronavirus pandemic.

Camerota spoke to a panel of six women, and while all of the women voted for Trump in 2016, three now say they no longer support him and plan to vote for Joe Biden, Raw Story reports.

One panelist, Ann Kupitz, said she’s switching gears to Biden, and added Trump is not a “normal politician.” Well hell to the yeah on that one. Trump makes Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer look normal by comparison.

“The pandemic is when my eyes began to open,” Kupitz told Camerota. “And June 1, when he sent U.S. troops on peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square, that was my cross the line moment.”

It’s been a hard reckoning for Kupitz, who now regrets her 2016 bad decision.

“And how do you feel now about your 2016 vote for him?” Camerota asked.

“I think it’s one of — if not the biggest — mistake I’ve ever made in my life,” Kupitz said. “I feel that voting for him helped him kill over 100,000 Americans.”

But she’s wrong. He’s now killed at least 191,000 Americans, Worldometer reports.

Jessica Freeman chimed in that Trump’s response to the pandemic has been “abysmal.”

“He’s gone and abandoned the American people,” she noted. “My defining moment is when he said he takes no responsibility. The buck stops with you. You took the job, do the job.”

One panelist, Florida voter L.A. Key stills supports Trump and argued Trump isn’t to blame for the devastation COVID-19 has caused in the U.S.

“When he says it’s not my responsibility, I didn’t cause this, that is correct,” Key claimed. “No one could have done a better job, in my opinion. No one.”

I guess she’s never heard of New Zealand, where only 1,759 cases resulting in just 22 deaths have occurred. But hey, as my dad would say, don’t confuse Trump supporters with the facts.

Kupitz was quick to upbraid Key.

“He is the only leader that hasn’t followed the science, the data, and the expert’s advice. We have four percent of the world’s population,” she said. “We should have under 50,000 deaths. We have over 180,000 deaths. That’s not doing a good job.”

Key’s reaction was to shed doubt on the COVID-19 death toll.

“It is a fraction of what they originally said,” she said in reference to CDC statistics.

Camerota stepped in here, to tell Key that she was misrepresenting the CDC numbers. Key turned a deaf ear to that, however.

“Well, we’ll agree to disagree,” she said.

“Just to be clear, you don’t agree that 183,000 Americans have died?” Camerota asked for clarification.

“No,” Key said in response. Not of COVID. No.”

But the noted epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci, who’s also a member of Trump’s coronavirus taskforce, predicted in late March that the number of deaths could reach as high as 200,000, and quite obviously, he’s not going to be wrong.

Frankly, Key is a deluded idiot and if she continues to support Trump, especially in light of so much death and suffering, she’s also a POS. I’m just calling it as I see it.

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