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Geraldo Rivera Insults All Americans: ‘Trump is Motivated by a Higher Calling, Cares So Deeply About Abortion, Willing to Risk It All …’

Pretend for just a moment that all GOP Senators had severe reticence about going back on their words of just four short years ago, when ten months – ten months! – prior to an election, they said that with the presidential election so close, the American people had to have a say on the next justice (they then failed to get the most votes). Pretend for a moment that the GOP Senators just believed that this kind of hypocrisy was just too much to go ahead now. Does anyone doubt that Trump’s thirst for power and need to pack a court with sycophants in case his election comes down to the court would let the GOP Sens get away with it? Does anyone doubt that Trump would call in whatever kompromat he or anyone else had on them?

No, no one doubts it. But, of course, Trump wouldn’t be in the GOP and wouldn’t be president if the GOP sens were burdened by consciences. Thus they are more than willing to power this justice through because they all damned well know that a presidential election might be riding on it.

Yet in the theatre that is Fox, actual adults go on TV and get paid to insult people’s intelligence. We as educated adults would much rather hear a Fox personality get on television and say: “Donald Trump has always been about raw power, and has always sought raw power. Everyone knows this, and he got elected. Thus, of course, Trump will seek raw power and nominate this justice in case Trump needs that Justice in his pocket in the future.”

At least we could nod along and say, “Yep, that’s the dynamic.”

Instead, Geraldo Rivera went on Fox and said that Trump is taking this “risk” on himself – like a brave man – because Trump feels a “higher calling,” and that his heart is so concerned about the abortion issue that Trump will take the pain on himself, out of his own heart, to nominate another potential justice, because he feels that strongly about abortion.

Geraldo says this despite the fact we believe Trump has different beliefs about abortion. We cannot prove it, but if someone forced us to name an “over/under” on the number of abortions Trump has paid for in his life, we’d say “three.” We have no idea if he ever has or hasn’t. It is just a guess and our guess is that Trump doesn’t care at all about the abortion issue except as a ticket to MAGA hearts.

We do know that until Trump was running on the GOP ticket, he never said a word about the right to life or overturning Roe v. Wade. Trump tweeted about everything under the sun during Obama’s tenure. Did he once tweet about the need for an anti-abortion judge? If he did, we didn’t see it.

It is such a ridiculous statement that a Twitter user actually added a laugh track to make watching it easier. It’s kind of like how great grandmothers used to add honey to shitty-tasting medicines they’d give to kids. It keeps us from throwing the remote through the TV or bouncing the phone off the driveway.

Some rave reviews for Geraldo’s one-man comedy show:

Because they’re born and born the wrong color.


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