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GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel Slams Biden for Not Responding to COVID Well Enough: Internet Blows-Up

This is something to keep a close eye upon.

The people around Donald Trump, people like Kayleigh, Hogan, Kellyanne, and now Ronna McDaniel, have made attempts over the last few months to quietly try to fool some of the dumber MAGAs and low-information people into believing that COVID has been around for years and that the Obama-Biden administration failed to combat it and develop a vaccine. It is subtle because they often couch it in terms of the H1N1 virus or Swine flu, but there is no doubt at all that they’re implying that the last administration failed with respect to the “COVID issue.” Kellyanne famously made the comment that “it’s named 19 for a reason! This isn’t the first COVID” despite the fact that the “19” comes from the year discovered, not the number of viral species. This is what we’ve come to expect. But you still have to be on the look-out for it.

Today it was anything but subtle when Ronna McDaniel made a comment on Twitter so stupid that it probably stopped even the red hats among us to scratch their bald head.

Joe Biden can’t run from his disastrous record responding to the coronavirus. The truth hurts, Joe!

Yes, the truth absolutely does hurt and that is why McDaniel is lying her MAGA ass off in twisting this issue until the guts spit out. “Disastrous record respondingΒ to the coronavirus”? GTH, Ronna, 200,000 Americans are dead and it is Trump that is president. The virus was discovered last December. Trump knew it was deadly in February. He was told that this could be like the 1918 flu (yet syphilitic brain Trump keeps calling it the 1917 flu), and the 1918 flu killed 675,000 Americans, including Trump’s grandfather. He was told it was deadly, airborne, it killed 5%, and that young people get it. Trump lied about it, saying it was under control, like the sniffles. Now we’re being lied to again.

Americans reacted in a mix of fury and hilarity.

And here’s Trump today:


Peace, y’all
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