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Ivanka Trump Says Vote for Her Father Because He’s the ‘Most Authentic President We’ve Ever Had’

Ivanka Trump spent time stumping for her father in Wilmington, North Carolina Monday, highlighting what she perceives as the differences between her father President Donald Trump, and Joe Biden, his Democratic rival in the upcoming presidential election.

She took a cue from the state’s motto, “To be, rather than to seem,” comparing that to the choice voters face, according to MailOnline.

“On one hand, you have a person who is a vessel for whatever the fringe of the party or the mainstream media want him to be, but on the other hand you have someone who is arguably the most authentic president we’ve ever had,” she told prospective voters at a Wilmington Bakery.

North Carolina is a key swing state that figures heavily in Trump’s reelection, and as such, Ivanka’s made five visits over the last three years. Considering the fact that it’s a state with 15 electoral votes it’s anyone’s guess as to how this will play out. But many consider it a “must-win” state for Trump.

As she talked with constituents, Trump mentioned the First Step Act as one of her father’s accomplishments. This law loosens the “three strikes” life sentence for some crimes and gives judges more leeway in regard to non-violent crimes.

“Of all the people who’ve talked about positively impacting the system for better, it was this president who delivered the most historic criminal justice reform that we’ve had in a generation and it’s just getting started,” Ivanka said.

Donald Trump himself has frequently slammed former President Barack Obama and Biden as having failed in enacting criminal justice reform, but he’s just plain wrong here.

I’m not going to be long-winded here, but the fact-checking platform Misbar found numerous instances where Obama and “Sleepy Joe Biden” did enact reforms. Misbar cited CNN to illustrate the point.

“Obama and his administration and his administration took multiple significant steps to try to improve policing,” and noted “Obama’s Department of Justice initiated ‘pattern or practice’ investigations into troubled police departments and secured court-enforceable consent decrees or other agreements in which cities including Baltimore, Cleveland, Portland, and Miami formally agreed to make changes.”

So even though Ivanka talks a good story about her father’s “historic criminal justice reform” remember that it’s just a story. That’s all it is. I’m sure Trump has enacted some reform, but right now, we have demonstrations in Portland and other places in the U.S. that show otherwise.

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