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Ivanka’s Self-Serving ‘End-Trafficking’ Tweet is an Attempt to Erase Her Family’s Dark Past, So Americans REMIND Her

Ivanka Trump is down in Georgia today with Bill Barr and that fact alone sends shivers up and down our spines. We have a visceral reaction when we hear the word “Georgia” and “elections.” Moreover, Ivanka is in Georgia to celebrate some sort of “victory” over human trafficking. Obviously, every sane and honorable person loathes the idea of human trafficking and any victory anywhere is to be celebrated. The problem is that we’re to the point now where many of us do not trust a single announcement coming out of this government, which – ironically, was surely one of Putin’s goals in putting Trump in the presidency in the first place. We just don’t trust Ivanka or her father.

The other real concern about these trafficking arrest announcements is that some Americans worry about the fate of teens detained and separated from parents along the border. We have no facts on whether ICE or any other U.S. government organization improperly shunted young girls off into the trafficking world, but the concern is that the situation is ripe for abuse and again – the administration has virtually no credibility.

And now let’s look at Ivanka. Ivanka has quite a past herself. She is the one who put out today’s tweet:

Now this is the same Ivanka who participated in some very shady modeling businesses back in the Trump modeling agency days. Ivanka must know what her father – and she herself – participated in back in the Trump Modeling day. According to Business Insider, Trump’s modeling business so closely resembled a trafficking operation that young girls traveling were specifically told to not use their Trump Model paperwork and to just say they were visiting relatives, according to Business Insider:

According to accounts from both models, they were specifically instructed by Trump Model agents not to take their portfolio books with them on the plane, as doing so can be a red flag to customs agents. They said Trump Models gave them the address of a booker and told them to tell customs that they were visiting a friend at that address. Under no circumstances were they supposed to tell customs that they were models.

There is only one real explanation for the policy and that is that Trump Models weren’t models at all. They were known to be trafficked kids – some older than 18, some younger. (We are surmising from the evidence in front of us, not proven allegations). Given that the business began in the 2000s and that Trump models didn’t close until after Trump’s election, one must presume that Ivanka knew all about the underlying purpose and abuses that occurred und the Trump model name.

It makes reading Ivanka’s self-righteous pronouncements on fighting human trafficking that much more difficult to take. Human trafficking is a real problem and one gets the sense that no one knows better than Ivanka Trump and perhaps Bill Barr.


Peace, y’all
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