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Jared Kushner On Dying NYers: That’s Their Problem, Let The Market Sort It Out

It is becoming increasingly clear that Jared F’ing Kushner is running this country. Additionally, with respect to the election in November, if a vote for Joe Biden just got rid of Jared, it would be worth crawling over glass to cast. Someday, Jared is going to be forced to answer for his monstrous COVID crimes that occurred last spring.

Vanity Fair has a new explosive report out that details just how blatantly Kushner pushed the entire COVID matter to the back burner when it primarily impacted blue states like New York.

Not only does such an attitude represent abhorrent political calculations that literally cost lives, but it also demonstrates Jared Kushner’s breathtaking fcking stupidity. This is the kid whose dad had to donate a million to get him into Harvard. This is also the guy who thinks that all smart people are found within the business community and anyone who dedicates themselves to their country, science, law, or medicine just proved their inherent stupidity in comparison to him. “We have business people in this administration, we are accountable …” Jared was too fcking stupid (sorry) to realize that the virus would spread even if he didn’t care about Democrats!


In March, Jared convened a meeting on COVID and according to Vanity Fair, the participants are still not over what they heard and saw that day. One attendee who is still angry said:

At the time I just thought of it as blind capitalism and extreme libertarian ideals gone wrong. In hindsight it’s not crazy to think it was some purposeful belief that it was okay if Cuomo had a tough go of it because [New York] was a blue state.

Yes, we have heard before that “Kush” didn’t much care about COVID when it was a blue state issue. We haven’t heard the details about this meeting. Another attendee said it was “very clear” that Kushner didn’t much care about COVID when it was hitting a blue state hard.

We haven’t heard this:

According to one attendee, Kushner then began to rail against the governor: “Cuomo didn’t pound the phones hard enough to get PPE for his state…. His people are going to suffer and that’s their problem.”

His people? Those are also TRUMP’s PEOPLE, you bast*rd!

“We were flabbergasted.,” that person said. “I basically had an out-of-body experience: Where am I, and what happened to America?”

What happened to America is that America’s racist portion elected a man who had no business being anywhere near the White House, a man so bad that he believed Jared F’ing Kushner represented the best “senior adviser” one could possibly want in the White House. That’s what happened. Jared Kushner couldn’t even qualify for his own security clearance without a daddy arranging it!

Get this man out of the White House and into a prison. Fast. Please. Jared Fcking Kushner needs to have his name live in infamy.


Peace, y’all
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