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Jill Biden Owns Jake Tapper After He Tries to Call Out Joe Biden’s Gaffes, ‘Nope! You Can’t Even Go There!’

IF IF IF one was able to dispense with politics completely, and just line Americans up side by side, starting with “great people” all the way to murderers, people that dump dogs on the roadside, and Donald Trump, Dr. Jill Biden would be in the top 20 even among the hardcore Right. (I said throw out politics) Indeed, in what will be the most tragic irony of the 21st Century, if you threw out politics, the evangelicals would have Donald Trump in the last fifty people, as he stands for everything they’re supposed to hate. He openly does what they do only deep undercover.

All that is a long way of saying that Dr. Jill Biden is one of the best Americans and – forgive us for sounding slightly sexist – the coolest chick. How can one not love her? She is the first “Second Lady” to keep her day job. She almost surely could have been an education professor and researcher at some tier-one university, but loved the community college vibe and made it her lifelong commitment. By all reports, she’s hilarious and loved by even her Secret Service detail. And, as reported by Joe Biden at John McCain’s memorial, was so cool, that on a Senate trip to some foreign country, after Joe went to bed and left McCain and Jill at the bar, McCain had Jill dancing on the table with the foreigners.

She’s cooler than me.

She when she tells Jake Tapper to just “stop” and “don’t go there,” well – even Jake Tapper listens because now he’s talking to a higher authority. He might get away with that shit with Trump, Pence, Obama, or Joe, but Jill’s at another level.

Tapper had the temerity to bring up Joe’s “gaffes” with Dr. Biden, and the education professor promptly took Tapper to school.

Oh noes! Tapper knew he was beaten like a hamburger steak. Notice, he just shut up. He KNEW she was right! And, even more impressively, he knew that he is just the political reporter and host. There are limits on his ability to question authority. He gets to question presidents, kings, popes, but not Bono, Beyonce, or Biden (Jill, Dr.) they operate on a higher plane.

We love it.


Peace, y’all
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