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Kayleigh McEnany Happily Confirms Trump Will Likely Nominate RBG’s Replacement BEFORE She Is Buried

This is just so sad.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg deserves better than this. But let’s take this one example and use it as a symbol for all that is happening across the country and what the Trump administration has done to the nation, all in the name of raw McConnellian power.

Yes, Kayleigh McEnany essentially confirmed this morning that Trump will nominate Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement on the Supreme Court by late Tuesday – Andrea Mitchell has confirmed reports that it might be even earlier in the day tomorrow. The administration’s entire attitude about this process reveals just how little regard it has for the American people and the remarkable life of a five-foot-tall woman who towered over American jurisprudence and women’s rights, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s funeral plans have not even been finalized yet and she will be lying in state in the Supreme Court tomorrow, as Trump moves on quickly.

Kayleigh said it was “very likely” that Trump would make the announcement before Wednesday.

She seems so very respectful and understated, doesn’t she? Even a little giggle as she notes that it will certainly happen before Wednesday. One of the saddest ironies is that Kayleigh McEnany, the Harvard Law grad, has Ruth Bader Ginsburg to thank for many of the opportunities she has as a woman in law and government. But K-Mac doesn’t think that way, her focus is on power going forward.

No, four years ago it was all about how the American people should have a say in who fills the seat. The unified government thing is just a throwaway line to use. Lindsey Graham said in 2018 that they wouldn’t be filling a seat in the last year and so Lindsey isn’t using the “unified government line,” he is down to punishing Democrats for “ruining Justice Kavanaugh’s life.” So Democrats get a SCOTUS nominee as “punishment.”

In other words, they don’t care. They are installing their justice and if they could do it even before RBG is at rest, they would.


Peace, y’all
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