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Lincoln Project Trolls ‘Sucker’ Trump in Brutal New Ad For Spending 1$ Billion Just to ‘Go Down 10 Points’

Political analysts have looong known that white conservatives were the easiest mark in the vote casino. All Republicans needed to do was run a commercial with a black teen in a do-rag or a young pregnant Hispanic girl in the E.R. and white conservatives would vote in a tax cut for billionaires. Easy, play it again and again.

This time, however, it is Donald J. Trump himself that plays the role of the mark and his own campaign – the conservative moochers – got the sugar, all at Trump’s expense. As the new Lincoln Project ad says, no one ever spent $800 million dollars to end up in an eight-point hole.

These ads are meant to do far more than mock Trump. Their subtle hammer is two-fold. For one, the always conspiracy-prone Trump starts to think about whether he can even trust the people around him who are giving advice. It even questions Kushner’s loyalty. Trump will have to think about the “boxes falling off the truck,” and then “more boxes, and more” until the people around him are the ones getting all the cash. Trump hates it when the people around him get rich off what he sees as his money. Were that not enough, it is a message to Trump’s donors. Unless they feel like pouring more money into Pascale, Lara, Kimberly, etc. all to get further down the hole, they best hold that check they are about to send.

That is one devastating message. And the Lincoln Project hits it out of the park with a goofy-toned, mocking, ad meant to bust up any cohesion these fools managed to get:

Perfection! We have already seen how these ads play in Trump’s amygdala. And now it’s busting up the net.


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