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Melania Thought Someone Gave Her the Plagiarized Speech GOP Convention Speech on Purpose — Just to Embarrass Her

This woman …

We continue to learn more about Melania and the more we learn, the more we’re convinced we had her right all along. We just didn’t know “how right.” Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff’s book details a lot about Melania Trump that we didn’t know, little facts that fill in the edges. We have opined in the past that Melania gets graded on the “Mel-Curve” and has been since her first plagiarized speech at the 2016 RNC convention.

Plagiarizing a speech would be an act that would normally garner tremendous outrage and a forced apology. It never happened because Mel doesn’t apologize – just like a Trump. Additionally, the media sort of “let it go” like they didn’t expect an immigrant to be able to speak either and it’s all “sorta understandable” when you let a hopelessly out of her depth person take such a position. It likely also had something to do with the fact that no one ever believed that this woman would really be First Lady.

But it wasn’t understandable then and isn’t now.

Winston Wolkoff writes that she was aghast when she heard of the problem. Appropriately so. Winston-Wolkoff originally blamed Trump’s staff for not doing enough to help Melania. But Melania responded with a text saying “Don’t worry about it, it’s just liberal media bashing, nothing new.”

And that, folks, tells you everything you need to know about Melania. She had been caught red-handed doing something that gets people kicked out of schools in the United States and results in the cancellation of book contracts. Mel says it was no big deal and put it on the media, as if she did nothing wrong. THAT is typical Melania and just about everything one needs to know. At the very least, someone is supposed to at least feel a deep sense of embarrassment. Not Melania, she felt no shame at all.

As the problem snowballed a bit and became a campaign issue, Melania acted like the victim – so Trump – and said that maybe the plagiarized stuff had been left in on purpose by a staffer. Except Melania had already told people that she wasn’t allowing the speech to be overstaffed. It makes no sense because any professional would know that one would be caught – rather easily. If anyone was dumb enough to put it in and think that she could get away with it, it would be the political novice, Melania. Yet she quickly blamed the people around her. Typical.

From Winston Wolkoff’s Melania & Me: “She was suspicious the plagiarism was left in on purpose. Someone in Trump world didn’t want Melania to shine.”

Again, every detail we learn about the woman affirms out initial impressions. Spoiled brat.


Peace, y’all
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