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Melania Trump Tweets Out Photos of Her RBG Photo Op and Twitter is Not Impressed

It is so ironic.

Melania just couldn’t let it go. She knew that her “job” called for her to go to the SCOTUS and pay her “respects” to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a woman who – we feel safe in saying this – could not have been more opposite in her values and beliefs than Melania. Alright. Mel had to go do it.

While she was there, she had a chance to hear from real Americans, not pre-selected MAGAs that normally provide Trump a protective bubble.


But then Melania had to take it one step further and self-righteously tweet out about her trip to the Supreme Court and offer her “thoughts” on RBG, including that Melania will be “praying” for the Ginsburg family. That is more than a little thick.

The entire GOP’s response to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death has been a disgrace to the nation and the GOP, which seems beyond disgrace at this point. They know exactly what they are doing and so do we, because they told us. Trump needs that ninth justice to “decide the election.” The GOP set the precedent that “the people should have a voice in who is appointed …” and that conviction lasted as long as it took until the GOP and Trump needed to reverse themselves. Given the GOP’s response, Melania’s tweet feels like she’s rubbing it in – which may well be what she’s doing. She isn’t above it.

We wish Melania would spend her time praying a little harder about whether she’s part of an international conspiracy to undermine the world’s oldest democracy. This is far bigger than Melania and RBG’s death is playing a massive role in what’s happening. Melania knows it, which makes an otherwise bland, meaningless tweet offensive to some.

Some of the best responses were to the MAGA heads that absolutely worship Melania, believing that the birther, plagiarist, possible thief, is the classiest First Lady ever. We hesitate to put these tweets up in this thread with RBG’s passing, but a part of us thinks that RBG wouldn’t counter Melania’s hypocrisy and immaturity and might actually get a bit of a smile out of people calling her out.

There it is. Many MAGAs thanked her for her “service,” and as one response said “What service, other than prance around in 5 inch stilettos, what does she do?”

She tweets, that’s what she “does.” This just didn’t feel right.


Peace, y’all
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