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On Weekend of Deep Mourning, Repulsive Trump Retweets ‘Farting Sound’ Meme Infuriating Americans

Some columns are much harder to write than others and this is one of the hardest because this country is supposed to be better than this.

There are so many reasons to be solemn this weekend. We lost an American giant on Friday. Ruth Bader Ginsburg not only had the most powerful legal mind of her generation, but she also possessed the type of courage usually found only in soldiers protecting wounded brothers and sisters. She opened doors for two generations of women and one generation of proto-women, our girls still in school who we love so dearly. Their world is better because of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Now an American hero is gone and it is hard to see anything as uplifting, and we certainly aren’t in the mood for levity.

We have to deal with Republicans being Republicans, shoving their power play up our asses with the SCOTUS seat.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death comes during a time that death has washed over the nation. This weekend we’ll unequivocally pass 200,000 dead (and we’ve heard reports that some numbers have been manipulated and we’ve been over it for some time). This is a milestone that damn well ought to be respected. All too many families are missing loved ones who wouldn’t have died absent the mismanagement of COVID. How many Herman Cains are out there?

So Americans rose up in fury when “their president” had a little fun with himself this morning. Our 12-year-old president decided the time was right for a fart joke. Of course, it’s perfect because the “farter” has a big Trump sign. Trump retweeted the bottom of these two tweets. This is “your” president, this is what he finds funny, this is what he finds appropriate this morning. He’s a child.

This is what Trump retweeted:

So Trump found the “fart sound” meme funny and threw in the one with the guy carrying the MAGA sign because that’s what presidents do.

Americans were outraged:


Peace, y’all
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