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Trump is Reportedly Furious that NYT’s Maggie Haberman Said He Has Parkinson’s Disease — Except She Never Did

We have a new piece of evidence to examine as to whether Donald Trump has physical issues he has not disclosed to the country. This is entirely fair game for analysis because Trump is asking for the job again and people running for president generally make their medical records available. Trump has not. Were that not enough, Trump has relentlessly accused Biden of having dementia, to the point that if one addresses any MAGA on Twitter (something that should only be done to alleviate stress, not exacerbate it), the first thing one hears is something referencing senility.  Thus it is fair to analyze whether it’s possible that Trump’s physical quirks add up to something more serious.

From The Daily Beast:

Trump has privately groused to friends, family, and aides that New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman accused him of having Parkinson’s disease this summer, according to two people with direct knowledge of the matter. Those sources say that the president has been stewing about this for nearly three months, and he still hasn’t let it go, bringing it up in the West Wing as recently as last week, one of these sources said.

Sounds very on-brand for the guy we know and loathe. And of course, you’ll be shocked to hear that absolutely none of this is even true, which leads more credence to the fact that something may be wrong:

Haberman, however, hasn’t accused Trump of having Parkinson’s. In June, she wrote a Times story about how “President Trump faced new questions about his health… after videos emerged of him gingerly walking down a ramp at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and having trouble bringing a glass of water to his mouth during a speech there.”

As we noted yesterday, nothing burns Trump up like seeming to be “weak,” no matter how obvious or maybe even irrelevant it might be. This is a man who’s spent his entire life building a stage-set around him and playing a character. He is the man who invented alter-egos to call reporters and talk about his greatness. He wears lifts in his shoes and more makeup than Dolly Parton.

The word “Parkinson’s” does not appear in the article, but in Trump’s mind, that has somehow translated to Haberman tagging him with the degenerative disorder.

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“In Trump’s mind .. translates to the degenerative disorder …” it sure sounds like someone who is furious about having a degenerative disorder and wants everyone working on killing this possible “rumor.” It is not evidence that Trump has Parkinson’s or any other degenerative disorder, but it sounds like a guy who might, given all we know about him.

The Daily Beast’s article focused on how his obsession is killing him politically. He came out of the convention talking about Biden helping to light cities on fire, only to spend the next week talking about his “good brain” and that the presidency is about chess and strength and he’s the chess master or whatever. The article says he’s sacrificing his political advantages (Joe has problems with voters because of the protests, don’t get us started), and it’s purely out of either vanity or obsession with covering something up. He is apparently willing to die on that hill, “I have a good brain!”

Which might be so very telling. He sure has gone to great lengths to hide his medical history.


Peace, y’all
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