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Trump Makes Panicked Call to Fox News Radio and Demands Joe Biden Drop Out of Race

The most corrupt president in all of history now wants Joe Biden to drop out of the race for president over information everyone on earth knows to be Russian propaganda bullshit. This is the stuff that got Trump impeached, and yet without any shame, Trump now wants to go back to the well and accuses “billionaire Joe Biden” and his “billionaire” son Hunter of the ultimate corruption.

According to Rawstory:

On Thursday, in a radio interview, President Donald Trump once again promoted unsubstantiated corruption allegations about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine — and urged Joe Biden to “leave the campaign” because he “was in on it.

This, of course, is based upon Ron Johnson’s committee, a senator who is known to have strong contacts with Russia, and indeed even intelligence committee reports note that this exact propaganda evidence would be coming out from Russia.

This is the twilight zone. Everyone knows what is happening.

The president and his allies have been fixated on trying to link the Biden family to wrongdoing in Ukraine for over a year. A plot by Trump and Rudy Giuliani to dangle military aid in exchange for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to announce an investigation into the Bidens ultimately led to the president’s impeachment.

It is not a coincidence that Russia wants the heat off itself, and is thus shoving it off onto the country that it is attempting to control, through war or corruption, and accusing Biden of that which – at least in theory – Trump himself is actually doing.

The outrage is that Biden has put his taxes, his medical records, all of it, on the record openly. Yet the man who will do anything to keep his relationships secret is out calling on the other guy to drop out.

And the MAGA heads believe it, or at least “want” to believe it enough that they’ll go with it.

And here is Trump bitching about ballots. Could Kilmeade make this any easier for him?


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