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Trump Proudly Claims that Putin and Kim Jong-Un are More Mentally Fit than Biden and People are FURIOUS

As everyone knows, there is no bottom.

Trump says that his homoerotic buddies, the Putin-Kim-Trump threesome, are all more mentally fit than Joe Biden. We should keep in mind that both Putin and Kim Jong-Un are murderers who milk their entire economy’s production for their own benefit, leaving their people poorer.

Putin and Kim are totally unfit to lead anyone. How many people could do what Putin and Kim have done to their people? No one sane, no one well-adjusted to the world, only warped, twisted, sick, minds could do anything of the sort.

This is simply disgusting.

This truly grotesque outlook lives deep within Trump and it is increasingly dangerous. We suppose that it’s “par for the course” since he always plays golf and is the guy who hosted a few thousand of his most insane supporters last night at a super spreader event in a pandemic, then told everyone it didn’t worry him because “I’m protected up on a stage.”

Trump doesn’t see anything fundamentally wrong with murderous dictators. It is time to accept the fact that if Trump is reelected, this country will have invited its own murderous dictator into our midst for the second – more dangerous – term. The sickest aspect of this is that Trump’s true supporters aren’t the least bit bothered by him being a murderous dictator because they count upon him not murdering them. All one needs to do is scream “MAGA!” and one is wholly protected. Screw freedom and democracy.

There is this aspect, too:

Trump is the one who thinks that passing a cognitive test that is – and we cannot emphasize this enough – meant to be easily passed as a tool to diagnose brain damage, is some giant accomplishment like he just passed a MENSA test. That alone indicates some “mental unfitness.” He doesn’t understand that you’re supposed to pass those!

This is getting out of control. So dangerous.


Peace, y’all
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