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Trump Says He Doesn’t Believe RBG’s ‘Dying Wish’, ‘Just Too Convenient,’ and Americans are FURIOUS

One of the real mysteries to come out today is why Donald Trump even seems to care that Ruth Bader Ginsburg expressed a dying wish that the next president name her successor. Obviously one of our hero’s worst nightmares was that she wouldn’t make it to the end of the Trump administration. God knows she tried like hell, living through three times more sickness and pain that most of us could endure, all to get to that point. She came up just slightly short but might have had reason to hope that the Republicans simply couldn’t push past the doctrine they put in place the last time a justice died prior to an election.

On the other hand, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was so much smarter than us that she surely saw the GOP coming from her hospital bed and thus told her granddaughter about her one fervent wish – probably knowing it wouldn’t actually do any good with Republicans but maybe motivating Democrats that much more.

Regardless, the weird thing is that Trump even addressed it as if it matters to him that she said it. We know exactly what Trump would do even if she had told him to his face on live TV. He would likely say that it doesn’t matter, the president picks the nominees. He has Article II, which means he can do what he wants. And then he’d make some remark about her being a woman anyway and everyone knows that women aren’t that smart, as opposed to him – who’s got great genes, and thus should make the decision …

Here is the guy with “great genes” doing some chopper talk, saying that he doubts that RBG even said that she wanted him to wait. It sounds “a little too convenient.”

It is possible that Trump is just so fcking stupid that he doesn’t know that just about any SCOTUS justice would say the exact same thing on their death bed knowing that they detested the man in office? He truly might now know.

Anyway, Twitter allowed Americans to retort:


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