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Trump Says He’s the Most Pro-Life President Ever — But When He Discovered Marla Maples Was Pregnant He Sang a Different Tune

Now that abortion is front and center as cover to get Donald Trump’s “for sure” fifth vote on the SCOTUS to protect him if the election goes to the Supremes, some people are looking closely at Trump’s past. After all, as we’ve already reported, Geraldo Rivera went on Fox today and said that he believes Trump is going through with this nomination out of “some higher calling,” to end abortion, that the issue means that much to Trump. Geraldo made it sound like Trump was willing to “shoulder” the criticism and pain that might come from fathering an illegitimate justice (given the McConnell rule) because Trump feels that deeply about the moral horror that is abortion.

Except it is well-established that Trump was pro-choice prior to that point when he needed Republican votes. Indeed, in 2016, Trump ran into several problems with women (i.e. putting up an unflattering picture of Ted Cruz’s wife, next to a picture of Melania looking like a woman for hire, and this was before Access Hollywood). This included his infamous but largely forgotten position that, if abortion is criminalized, the woman should face criminal punishment herself. He quickly recanted because it was highly controversial and Trump doesn’t actually care about any of these thing – he just says what he believes will be popular with his base.

Given all that happened, Maureen Dowd of the Times put the ultimate question to Trump:

Given his draconian comment, sending women back to back alleys, I had to ask: When he was a swinging bachelor in Manhattan, was he ever involved with anyone who had an abortion?

“Such an interesting question,” he said. “So what’s your next question?”

Keep in mind, that question was asked right after Trump just gave the single worst, most alienating answer of his campaign, women should be punished – all in an attempt to appear rabidly anti-abortion. Trump is a man who will lie about anything. He refused to answer the question about whether he was ever involved with someone who had an abortion.

He had the perfect opportunity to tell the truth and say, “No.” He had the perfect opportunity to lie and say, “No.”

He lies about everything anyway.

But he did not say “No.” He said “Next question.”

Most people take it as a given that Trump has almost surely paid for (or at least “forced”) several abortions given the life he led. Indeed, when Trump found out that Marla – his second wife was pregnant, he told Howard Stern (it’s on tape) that he said to Marla (From Newsweek):

 “But, you know, at the time it was like, ‘Excuse me, what happened?’ And then I said, ‘Well, what are we going to do about this?’ [Marla] said, ‘Are you serious? It’s the most beautiful day of our lives.’ I said, ‘Oh, great.'”

“What are we going to do about this” is not something someone says when they’re thrilled to be having a child. It is something someone says when they’re used to “doing something about this” in other situations. It is what someone says when feeling out whether there is a way to “rid” himself of the “problem.” Can we prove that is what he was saying? No – but almost.

Of course, one could tell the MAGA heads: A) He was pro-choice until he needed your vote, B) He didn’t deny being involved in abortions himself, meaning – if he was, he personally “murdered” more “babies” than RBD and C) he implied that he at least wanted his wife to consider aborting Tiffany. One could say all that and it’s likely most MAGA heads will cry out: “Isn’t it wonderful he’s now so pro-life!”

No. The only life of which Trump is “pro” is his own. He is pro-Trump. For now, it means he must elevate pro-life judges. But if Trump accidentally got a 24-year-old secretary pregnant … one that would be hard to hide, well, we have every indication that Trump would be pro-Trump.



Peace, y’all
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