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Trump Snaps at Female Reporter After He’s Confronted with NYT’s Bombshell Tax Story, ‘You’re Very Rude…’

Trump was in rare form today. He bragged about how “everyone knows” that the impeachment was a hoax, and everyone knows that presidents that have the senate always nominate Supreme Court justices in election years, everyone knows that, he said. This was before Trump got into “the biggest thing going on the internet, Hunter getting millions from the mayor Moscow, and from China.”

The press conferences are becoming an increasingly bizarro enterprise where he literally lies through it all. The “new truth” is that the single greatest political scandal of all time was the “spying on his campaign” – that was four years ago, and it’s the only thing he cares about (forget that it never happened). The fact that he’s still talking about it just enforces how much the investigation into him and Russia scares the shit out of him.

Aaron Rupar has a very legitimate question:

The presser was a very low energy bitch session, Trump went over his list of everything that pisses him off – from the greatest political scandal ever, the Democrats have become communists “quite frankly,” the ballots are a disgrace, (extreme changes in election law). Listening to Trump, one would be convinced that the country is being taken apart by Democrats – who don’t have power.

For the second time, Trump suggested that the reporters in the mainstream media start looking through the internet for stuff that people don’t even talk about – “Much bigger than Watergate, by far!”

Then he takes a question:

He talked – again – about phony ballots. He mentioned phony ballots from Pennsylvania where originally nine Trump ballots were improperly discarded, it went down to seven, and finally there was an admission that they did not know for whom the votes were cast.

He bragged about basically ending Obamacare through getting rid of the individual mandate, and he then said that if he’s fortunate enough to get rid of the rest of the ACA, they “will” have a much better plan – this is after four years as president.

He said he was “not joking” about having Biden take a drug test, because Biden is up and down, he had horrible performances and some “okay performances” and “a lot of people are saying” (he said “check out the internet”) that Biden is taking performance-enhancing drugs. This all comes from a man who is not well:

This is the person that wants drug tests:

FINALLY: Trump gets asked how it was that the year he won the White House he paid $750 in income taxes. Trump says it’s totally “fake news” – he again said his taxes are “under audit” and if they weren’t he’d be proud to show it. This of course doesn’t explain why he’s fighting it up to the Supreme Court.

This is the man who spent five hours golfing this morning:

Trump spent nearly the entire press conference talking about Hunter making billions from China and millions from Russia, but the new headline from the New York Times saying Trump paid $750.00, total – in 2016 and $750.00 total – 2017 in taxes. Trump says that’s nothing but fake news.

The tax returns showed no conflicts with Russia – which is shocking – but the Times said that this isn’t the entire report and there will be more reporting. They do make clear that Trump is not even slightly rich. He’s a failed business person who lives on credit and keeps it spinning.

And of course, we have Trump snapping at a female reporter and calling her rude. For asking a question, which is her job.


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