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Trump Struggles With Basic Words as He Gives Speech in NC With Humiliating Bright Orange Makeup Smeared on His Face

Donald Trump returned to North Carolina on Thursday – his fifth visit to the state in the past month – to discuss his administration’s vision for health care and low-cost options.

Trump signed an executive order implementing his “America First Healthcare Plan,” which he said would provide consumers with more choice, lower costs and better care than the Affordable Care Act, which Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden helped put in effect a decade ago.

“Where they failed, we are delivering,” Trump told a crowd of about 200 in Charlotte. “We’re standing up for our people. We’re standing up to special interests. We’re taking on the powerful lobbyists. We’re stopping the radical socialists.”

He ticked off a laundry list of features of the plan during a 40-minute speech, from protecting people with pre-existing conditions from losing coverage to price transparency for medical procedures to requiring that drugmakers provide the same price breaks they provide overseas to U.S. states and consumers.

“No one has taken on Big Pharma like this,” he said. “This will be a game-changer for American seniors.”

As usual, Trump had trouble saying some basic words, like original. Then he does this routine where he acts like he meant to misspeak the word. Classic Trump.

And you couldn’t miss Trump’s makeup. God, it looks horrible.

I get it, makeup does make you look better. Especially if you are under lights. Trump most likely learned this on The Apprentice. If you don’t want to look washed out, wear makeup.

But, you have to do it PROFESSIONALLY. You must blend it so you don’t end up with this horrible mask look. Another thing, he is married to a former model who always looks impeccable. Always. She must see what we see, right? Why doesn’t she pull him aside and say, “DOH-NAALD, you must blend de makeup or look like old fool?”

Twitter had a blast:


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