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Trump Tweets Video Mocking Black Lives Matter Protester Who Accidentally Was Set on Fire

Being the sensitive sort that he isn’t, President Donald Trump shared a video of a protester in Portland who was accidentally set on fire and of course used the incident to mock Democrats. To add further insult to injury, the Kenny Loggins song “Footloose is also used in the video.

Because Trump is just that kind of guy.

He couldn’t resist tweeting “These are the Democrats ‘peaceful protests.’ Sick!”

The video shared on Twitter by White House social media director Dan Scavino shows the panicked protester, lower pant legs aflame, and running away from a small fire in the street near a police line on Saturday, The New York Post reports. Police can be heard declaring the protest a riot and then firing off tear gas canisters.

The man is quickly surrounded by fellow protesters who try to extinguish the flames and police in riot gear step in. They were also apparently trying to help but the man panicked and rebuffed them. Considering how Portland police have treated protesters it’s no wonder that he wasn’t receptive to their efforts.

Police brutality and systemic racism were the focus of the protest, which began at 9 p.m. and was attended by hundreds of demonstrators and dozens of cops who blocked them from converging on the southwest Portland precinct, The Portland Oregonian reported. Then, over a loudspeaker, police announced that they wouldn’t allow demonstrators near the precinct “for the safety of city employees, community members, and nearby residents.”

At one point, three Molotov cocktail-type devices were tossed near police and state troopers and that’s when the riot declaration was made. Right after that, police began forcibly dispersing the crowd.

Protests in this city have been ongoing for at least 100 consecutive days but it was the first time cops had used tear gas this month.

Police said Sunday that several firebombs were thrown at law enforcement after the blockade was set up and one of the devices “caught a community member on fire.” That person was taken to the hospital via private vehicle. Cops also said that rocks and illegal fireworks were used, and a sergeant was injured in the incident.

“A sergeant was directly struck by a commercial-grade firework, which burned through his glove and injured his hand,” police said in a statement. “Several officers and troopers were struck by rocks in the head, arms, shoulders, and feet. Only their protective gear prevented serious injury.”

Police also said 59 people were arrested during the incident and that two people were carrying blades while another two were wearing body armor.

Racism has roared back to life in the U.S. largely thanks to Trump and his supporters. Protesters are frustrated at a system that allows police to get away with killing people of color. People like Breonna Taylor who was asleep in her own home when police shot and killed her. People like Daniel Prude who was tormented by mental illness and stopped breathing after police placed a hood over his head and held him on the ground. The poor man died a week later. The officers involved have been suspended without pay but they have yet to be fired or prosecuted.

Trump has continually thrown gasoline on this fire, taunting protesters and trying to crush people’s spirits with military might. Fortunately, that’s not working, but people will continue to be hurt while he stirs the pot.


There was also this tweet, that Trump retweeted:

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