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Trump, With Terrible Makeup, Goes on Bizarre Rant About ‘Forest Nations’ and People Think He’s Lost It

Trump took some hours out of his Fox TV-watching time to appear on Fox’s Sunday evening Mark Levin broadcast in order to allow Levin to lather Trump up however he likes it. Before we even analyze what Trump had to actually say (you already know what he said) we want to set out one comment on Twitter because it was just one of many and very true:

Yes, we can. We covered the fact that Trump’s makeup has gotten much worse over the last few weeks. Some think it’s evidence of mental decline, others figure it’s more evidence of Trump’s stress and depression about the race.

But now we move on beyond the superficial and start to talk about the issues. Trump is sick of those conservationists starting fires and, even though Gavin Newsom says some nice things about him (always the most important policy consideration), Newsom doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, see tweet below:

Not a single word above makes any sense. One does have to manage the forests but as we’ve reported many times, these fires primarily occur on National Forest land (as he was told in California at a meeting) and thus the forests are managed by the Forest Service which is part of the Department of Agriculture. Trump has a third-grade view of government and figures that since these fires occur in western blue states it is the states that are screwing things up and causing a problem. He gets to lecture the governors on exploding trees and raking leaves and how it would be so easy for him to solve if he was in charge. He doesn’t even realize he is in charge.

The alpha male president also went into a long whine about the media being so unfair to him on so many levels. One honestly would think that at some point even the MAGA heads would get sick of hearing about the media and would wish Trump would just shut up about it:

One would think that Americans are ready to vote in a new president for the sole reason that we might go a week or two between hearing someone whine about media coverage. Trump has never heard a legitimate criticism. It is all fake.

We wish there was some kind of news broken at the Levin Lap Dance but they simply reviewed everything that we’ve heard before too many times. Americans could recite the lines by heart.


Peace, y’all
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