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Trump’s Crazy Wednesday Tweetstorm Covers It All: Casual Racism, Gaslighting, Lies, and Conspiracy Theories!

Well, we have had quite a morning in watching Trump’s Twitter feed, and to be honest, it is a wonder that the man still has a Twitter feed given the stuff he’s been spewing out this morning. We already reported on the “Manipulated Media” tweet in which Trump re-tweeted a manipulated video with Biden speaking and “F*ck the Police” by NWA playing in the background. Ironically, when it comes to the FBI and federal officials, Trump shares a lot of NWA’s feelings about law enforcement.

Moving along, Trump did a lot more than get his wrist slapped by Twitter. He is now actively promoting a conspiracy theory in which the Coronavirus was man-made in a lab in China and in so doing threw Dr. Fauci over the cliff.

And of course, Tucker Carlson took the bait. Amazing that on one hand, this is the worst virus ever seen (according to Siegel, above) and we may have to blame China for creating such a horrific virus but on the other hand, masks are “controversial.” This is fear-mongering conspiracy theory stuff and it’s retweeted by Trump.

Casual racism? Yes, Trump is there to throw some of that out, too:

It cannot have anything to do with the fact that there are no fans in the stadiums and people haven’t really warmed up to sports in empty stadiums, can it?

How about some self-focus? After all, it wouldn’t be Trump’s Twitter feed if you weren’t reading about his greatness. Trump pivots to take credit for the Big 10 deciding to play some football this year. He also wants everyone to believe he did a great job at last night’s trainwreck ABC Townhall. And that vaccines are coming!

He says “thanks” – to who? Absolutely no one – including Fox – gave him great reviews last night.

And Trump lied in order to blame the Democrats as “heartless” for not getting stimulus payments out when the Democrats passed a bill in May, on which McConnell will not allow a vote.

The Democrats have passed a bill with stimulus payments. Mitch won’t vote on it.

And we leave off with Trump attacking, because that’s what he always does, attack others he perceives as “enemies.” Here he goes after Jim Cramer for his belated apology to Nancy Pelosi. Trump doesn’t know how to be an adult:



Peace, y’all
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